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Q: What is the reason why getting too much sleep can stunt growth and cause too much weight gain?
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What can cause pain in your ribs?

getting injured, growth.

Does getting a tattoo cause weight gain?


Does weight lifting stop growth of adolescents?

Excessive weight lifting and working out can cause growth deficiencies in adolescents, yes. However working out in moderation is fine and can help muscle and growth development.

What would cause breast growth in men?

There are several causes. One of the ones that few people know is that smoking pot will cause breast growth in men. Hormones will also cause growth, and weight gain will as well.

How to induce breast growth?

Some birth control pills can cause breast growth, or try gaining some weight.

Does muscle growth cause stretch marks?

Yes. It is very common in weight lifters.

Do you get back pain in pregnancy?

The added weight of the baby, uterine growth and hormones that cause ligaments to relax all cause backaches.

Why does your stomach gets bigger when you gain weight?

Cause ur getting fatter

Is there a reason other then being pregnant that your breasts couldl be growing?

During and a after puberty, your breasts will naturally grow. (Until the mid-20s or so.) Also, weight gain can cause breast growth to become more noticeable, and certain medications (especially forms of birth control, like the Pill) can cause breast growth and / or breast swelling.

Why does having pe everyday cause weight loss?

because you are getting physical exrcise

Do birth control pills make your breasts bigger?

sometimes BC pills can make them bigger, because they use estrogen and other feminine hormones responsible for breast growth. It is uncommon, but remember that BC pills can also cause slight weight gain, which may be the common reason for breast growth.

Will using a men's electronic razer really help my boyfriend with the many ingrown hairs he seems to get?

There is no reason for the electric razor to cause ingrown hairs as long as you shave with the direction of the hair growth and use a good after shave. If you shave against the hair growth your chances of getting an ingrown hair are higher.

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