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Q: What is the route a ship traveling from the pacific ocean to the port of Seattle take?
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What is the route a ship traveling from the pacific ocean?

the pacific ocean

What route would a ship traveling from pacific ocean to the port of Washington?

pacific ocean

How far is Seattle WA from the Pacific ocean?

It is about 130 miles if you were to drive by road. The best and shortest route to the Pacific Ocean from Seattle is south on I-5 to Olympia and west on Routes 101, 8, and 12 to the wide sandy beaches at the Ocean Shores

What route would a ship traveling in the Pacific Ocean take to the port of Seattle?

Somewhere easterly, depending on where in the Pacific the ship started from. Approaching landfall, the ship would pass through the Straits of Juan De Fuca, which separates the US from Canada, and into the mouth of Puget Sound.

Which route is faster to get to India going on the pacific ocean or Atlantic?

going by the pacific ocean

What was an early exploration route?

The Pacific Ocean

Did Lewis and Clark find an easier route to the Pacific Ocean?

yes, the route the took that led them most directly to the pacific ocean was the Columbia river.

What is the nickname for the Pacific Ocean?

early exploration route

What is the route of the Iditarod trail?

through the pacific ocean

Who was the first to find a sea route to the pacific?

Ferdinand Magellan was the first explorer to find a sea route to the Pacific ocean.

Did Pierre de la Verendrye find a route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean?

No he did not find the route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, as he only made it to the rocky mountains. He did not cross them. thats right... i think

Which route it takes from Australia to US?

Across Pacific ocean

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