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Who was the leading spokesman for African-Americans during the realism period of American literature

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Q: What is the stick that hits a gong with?
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Related questions

What is the stick you use to hit a gong?

It is called either a striker or a mallet.

How do you say hello in the chinise language?

gong gong gong gong gong gong gong hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story of tale of Pilandok ARMM?

In the story of Pilandok, a young prince that is tricked into believing that a beehive is a special gong. The prince hits the "special gong" and is stung by bees and then saved by soldiers and servants.

What country is gong ageng from?

gong is originally from China. but Gong Ageng itself is from Indonesia. Gong Ageng is a Javanese phrase which means "big gong". Gong Ageng is a part of Gamelan ensemble and the most important gong in Gamelan.

When was I'm Blue - The Gong-Gong Song - created?

I'm Blue - The Gong-Gong Song - was created in 1961.

What are the ratings and certificates for Gong Gong - 2001?

Gong Gong - 2001 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG

What do you do on dragon cove?

Find a piece of the treasure map to the treasure island by jumping on the stone fishe's head...get the stick/mallet...push the box the fishman is sitting on next to the gong...and then bang the gong so that the fish will be caught...finally, the fishman will give u a piece of the treasure map...

What vibrates on a gong?

The GONG!!

What has the author Li Gong written?

Li. Gong has written: 'Dian qi an zhuang gong, er ji gong'

In Chinese mythology which deity smashed his head against Mount Buzhou in a fit of rage?


What is the birth name of Yoo Gong?

Yoo Gong's birth name is Ji-Cheol, Gong.

What do you hit a gong with?

you hit a gong with a mallot

What is the gong geng?

gong geng is fat

What actors and actresses appeared in Gong Show 25th Gong-iversary - 2001?

The cast of Gong Show 25th Gong-iversary - 2001 includes: Murray Langston as Unknown Comic

What type of stick hits a hockey puck farther?

This depends on the flex rating/capability of the stick shaft, the strength of the stick blade and the power of the player shooting the puck.

When was the gong invented?

When was the gong invented?????????????? Does anyone know????

What does gong gong mean in Chinese?

it means instrument

What is the plural of gong?

The plural form of gong is gongs.

What are the ratings and certificates for Dong gong xi gong - 1996?

Dong gong xi gong - 1996 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:R(A) Sweden:15

What do you do when a bird hits your window and it is convulsing on the ground?

Poke it with a stick

Why do nipples stick out after your shower?

Because cold air hits them.

How high does the stick go and What is the speed of the stick when it hits the ground if A stick held at a height of 2.50 meters is thrown into the air at 2.00 meters per second?

1000000 m

What is the French word for chinese gong?

un gong chinois.

How do you use the word gong in a sentence?

Gong recently struck.

When was Tuff Gong created?

Tuff Gong was created in 1970.