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Q: What kind of western farmers sold as their main cash crop?
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How is crop rotation important to the cotton farmers?

Crop rotation is important to the cotton farmers because they need the nutrients from the soil for other crops so they don't use it all in just one kind of plant.

Why are cash crops important?

The most inportant cash crop is cotton and taboco if we did not have these things people could not make shirts or any kind of clothing and not all tabaco is used for smoking it can be used for other things.

What kind of services are available to the customer at Check Into Cash?

Services available from Check Into Cash are payday loans, in-store cash advances, title secured loans, check cashing, bill payments, and money transfers through Western Union.

What is a kind of cash crop?

One of the most major cash crops in America are corn. Some others are jute, coffee, cocoa, sugar cane, bananas, oranges, tobacco and cotton. In cooler areas, grain crops, oil-yielding crops and some vegetables predominate .

What is a farm that grows one kind of crop for profit?

A monoculture is a farm growing one kind of crop. See the related link for details.

What kind of crops grow in Georgia?

almost everything the north region has very mild soil south has sander soil cash crop is cotton and tobacco but everything can be grown that will produce before frost

Which kind of crop is rice?

it is a grain or cereal crop obtained from a grass seed head.

What does staple means in agriculture?

staple is a kind of crop which is highly profitable A staple crop is a primary, or major type of crop. Wheat is a typical staple crop. People grow a lot of wheat.

What kind of vehacle is western renegade?

What kind of veecle is western renegade

When do farmers start to bring in their crops?

They harvest as soon as the crop has ripened or has matured - mostly in the Autumn in the UK. Various food crops are sown or planted and then harvested at various times - it all depends on the kind of crop (cereal, root, vegetable, etc) and the weather. A very wet Spring could delay seed sowing. A wet Autumn could also delay the harvest, or even cause the crop to rot.

What kind of jobs did the Quapaw Indians have?


How much pesticide is needed for an acre of crop?

It depends on what kind of pesticide is being used and how bad the crop is infected.

What kind of crop does Malaysia grow?

Major commercial cash crop in Malaysia include oil palm & rubber, and it is one of the biggest producer of these two items in the world. Only a smaller scale, pepper, tropical fruits, cocoa and temperate vegetable in highlands constitute a minor part to the economy. Finally rice is for local consumption only.

What kind of farming methods- modern or traditional or mixed-do the farmers use?

Farmers use all of them depending on what farmers you are untested in.

What the kind of spice crops?

spice crop watkind

What kind of crop did the Aztecs plant?

maize (corn)

What kind of beets are a very important crop?


What kind of sentence is The farmers' market?

The phrase " the farmers' market" is an incomplete thought and incomplete sentence.

What kind of bathrooms are in Mexico?

Western kind.

What kind of farm did James cook live on?

a crop farm

What is the difference between cash transfers and in-kind benefits?

Cash transfers are direct transfer payments of money to eligible individuals to help improve their lives. Cash transfers are usually benefits which are paid by the government to the individuals in the form of cash. Money is the medium of payment. The benefit of cash transfers is that an individual can use the cash in any way that they choose. In-kind benefits, or in-kind transfers, are transfers of goods and services. Unlike cash transfers, in-kind benefits are not paid directly. Individuals receive goods and/or services for free or at a reduced rate. Through an in-kind benefit, the government specifies how the public assistance dollars must be used.

What kind of jobs were in denmark in 1943?


What kind of people live in 'wetlands'?


What kind of people were anti-federalist?


What kind of jobs the anasazi do?

Farmers, buliders and home designers.