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The northern half of ancient Egypt was known as Lower Egypt and was located in the Nile Delta region. Lower Egypt was home to the ancient kingdom of Lower Egypt, which was founded by the legendary king Menes around 3100 BC. This kingdom was known as the 'Two Lands' because it was divided between Upper and Lower Egypt. As the name implies, Lower Egypt was located in the lower portion of the country, in the Nile Delta region.

Lower Egypt was home to the first major civilization in the region, and its capital was located at the city of Buto, near modern-day Cairo. Lower Egypt was powerful and influential, and it was responsible for many of the advances in architecture, writing, and more that are still seen in Egypt today.

Lower Egypt was ruled by a number of royal dynasties, including the Thirteenth Dynasty, which is often associated with the Hyksos, a group of Semitic people who ruled Lower Egypt from 1650 BC to 1550 BC. This dynasty was followed by the Fourteenth Dynasty, the Fifteenth Dynasty, the Sixteenth Dynasty, and the Seventeenth Dynasty.

Lower Egypt was conquered by the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom in 1550 BC, and it was then absorbed into the unified kingdom of Upper and Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt then became a part of the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt, which ruled from 305 BC to 30 BC. After the death of Cleopatra, Lower Egypt was annexed by the Roman Empire and became a Roman province.

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Q: What kingdom was located in the northern half of ancient Egypt?
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