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Q: What metaphors are used in paul reveres ride?
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Is there any onomatopoeia in paul revere's ride the poem?

yes there is definitely onomatopoeia used in Paul reveres ride. one example of this is when it says he heard the crowing of the cock

Who are the characters in paul revere's ride?

Paul Revere is the main character in the poem Paul Revere's Ride. He has a friend who helps to prepare signal lanterns before Paul's ride but the friend's name is never used.

What is the poetry device used in poem palanquin bearers?

metaphors used in poem

Why are metaphors effective?

Metaphors are used to make a piece of information imaginative and creative.

What was the 'radio' name that Paul Walker and Steve Zahn used in the movie Joy Ride?

Candy Cane

Metaphors are used in Macbeth?


What are the metaphors used in my father sun sun Johnson?


Is onomatopoeia used in the Hunger Games?

no but there are simile and metaphors

Why does Martin Luther King us metaphors in his speech?

Martin Luther-King used metaphors in his speeches to make them more meaningful.

What are the imagery,metaphors, similes, and symbols used in the poem the night rain?


Metaphors that were used in the book schooled?

personaly maybe page 117

What are some metaphors used in Freak the Mighty?

"i am a kinght"

Which figure of speech is used in the line green glitter gleam?


When was Paul Revere's famous midnight ride?

April 18, 1775. Revere didn't finish the ride and was arrested. Longfellow wrote about it 1861 in his poem trying to get people to remember how this country was established on the eve of civil war. It was not meant to be a history lesson by the poet and because people have used his poem as fact the myth of Paul Revere is taken as history.

What are poetic devices used in A Poison Tree?

Metaphors, personification, ext. metaphors, irony, alliteration, assonance, and consonace, AABB rhyme, rythm, repetition

How did the colonist singnal the militia to inform them that the red coats were coming?

They used a large on a lighthouse, also Paul Revere, William Prescott, and Philip Dawes rode thought Lexington and Concord warning the militia. Paul Revere was arrested, Philip Dawes ran away and Prescott was the only one who made it all the way through, everyone just exaggerated Reveres accomplishments and gave no credit to Prescott

Are metaphors often used in poetry?

Oh yes, metaphors are used quite often in poetry. A good metaphor is poetic. Next to rhyme and meter, there is nothing more typical of poetry than metaphor.

Why do poets use metaphors in their poems?

People use metaphors to give the poem some rhythm to it. It can also be used as a kind of help when you can't find rhymes. But most importantly metaphors give the poem an affect depending on what the metaphor is.

Are there any metaphors used in dinner at the homesick restaurant?


What are some symbols used in To Kill A Mockingbird?

metaphors, personification

What is a combination of metaphors you wouldn't expect to be used together?


What did the Paul revers ride do?

The purpose of the ride was to warn the Son's of Liberty of the British movements. They were hiding arms and powder in Concord 20 miles outside of Boston. He never finished the ride and was arrested early before he could reach Lexington. The reason we know about him is because a 100 years later Longfellow wrote a poem called THE MIDNIGHT RIDE OF PAUL REVERE on the eve of the civil war. His purpose was to remind the country of the foundations and history of the United States. This poem has been taken as fact and used as history, but it is not the REAL history of this event.

The babys hair was corn silk against her soft pink face. Is this a simile or a metaphor?

this is a metaphor. like or as are used in simlies, in metaphors people use was and were and stuff

What literary devices are in The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde?

Figurative language such as personification, similes and metaphors.

What body language was used when martin Luther king did his speech?