what type of clothing do people in iran wear during the winter solstice?

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Q: What type of clothing do people in iran wear during the winter solstice?
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How did the solstice affect people?

because the longest night of the year happens during the winter solstice

Where will the sun be located during the winter solstice?

the winter solstice is when the sun is the lowest in the sky

What happen during winter solstice?

The Winter Solstice is only the season of winter. Nothing more, nothing less.

What hemisphere is tilted torward the sun during the winter solstice?

The Southern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun during the winter solstice.

Are days longer during a solstice?

No. At the summer solstice, the days are at their longest, but at the winter solstice, the days are at their shortest.

What is the longest day and night of the year?

The longest day of the year is the summer solstice. The longest night is the winter solstice. Consequently, the shortest night occurs during the summer solstice and the shortest day during the winter solstice.

What is the length of night time hours during a winter solstice?

The length of the nighttime hours at the winter solstice is dependent on your latitude.

What season is the northern hemisphere experiencing during the December solstice?

It is winter in the Northern hemisphere during the December solstice.

Where does the winter solstice occur?

Winter Solstice is on December 21st. Shortest daytime of the year. The Winter Solstice of 2012 is also the date that many people believe the world will end.

What are the differences between a winter and summer solstice?

For the northern hemisphere: During the summer solstice, the Sun is as far north as she can get. During the winter solstice, the Sun is as far south as she can get. For the souther hemisphere it is the other way round.

In the northern hemisphere the winter solstice occurs during?

The winter solstice occurs late on the 20th of December. Incidentally, the solstice happens at the same moment for the entire planet, twice a year. It is the winter solstice for the hemisphere about to enjoy winter, and the summer solstice for the hemisphere about to enjoy summer. Six months later, the hemispheres get the 'other' variety of solstice.

What side does the sun rise and set during the summer and winter solstices?

The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west no matter what time of yesr it is, but is at its farthest north--on the Tropic of Cancer--during summer solstice, and farthest south--the Tropic of Capricorn--during the winter solstice. Summer solstice in the northern hemisphere is winter solstice in the southern hemisphere.

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