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Q: What type of covalent bond will Sr and O form?
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What type of bond is F and Sr?

Ionic bond as in SrF2

Is SrCl2 covalent bonded?

No. This is an ionic bond. Look at the electronegativity Cl (3.0) - Sr (1.0) = 2.0; 0.0 to 0.4 is covalent, 0.4+ to 1.7 is polar-covalent and above 1.7 is ionic. You can also assume that a metal and non-metal will form an ionic bonds.

Does strontium chlorideSrCl2 have an ionic or covalent bond?

Strontium is a metal. Chlorine is a non metal. Sr donates electrons to Cl to make an crystalline ionic compound.

Is Sr(C2H3O2)2 ionic or covalent?


What bond is Sr-O?


Is Sr-O a covalent compound?

No, strontium oxide is ionic.

What is the bond between Sr and F?


Is SrBr ionic or covalent?

You mean SrBr2. Sr is an alkaline earth metal, which means it can lose 2 electrons to from a cation with a +2 charge. The Bromine is a halogen, which can gain 1 electron to form an anion with a -1 charge. SrBr2 is the correct chemical formula because you need 2 bromines to neutralize the charges. Since ions are involved in this chemical bond, it is an ionic bond.

What is the difference between convalent and ionic bond?

Covalent Bonding occurs with non-metal elements (O,N,Sr,Xe) Ionic the strongest of all the bonds is with both non and metals like (K and O)

What is the resulting formula unit when strontium Sr and phosphorus P bond?


What is the resulting formula unit when strontium (Sr) and phosphorus (P) bond?


Is Sr Cl2 ionic or covalent?

This compound of an alkaline earth metal and a halogen is ionic, as are all such compounds.

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