What type of food is PumpernWhich food is known as sea foodckel?

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Q: What type of food is PumpernWhich food is known as sea foodckel?
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What type of food is Mexico known for?

Mexico is known for their spicy food!

What is the type of food Alaska is known for?

It is known for its seafood.

What type of food is Alaska best known for?


What kind of food does Calle Ocho serve?

Calle Ocho serves more than just food but the most well known type is cuban food, which is what it is known for.

What type of food is Italy known for?

I would say Pasta and Pizza

What type of industry is Nebraska known for?

The most important industry of Nebraska is food processing.

What type of food is Egypt best known for?

flat bread i believe ~princess nefertiti~

What type of music anf food New Orleans is known for?

Jazz & Cajun cuisine.

What is the best known type of food in Utah?

The chilie burger from some weird burger shack.

What type of farming is it when you grow just enough food to eat?

That is officially known as subsistence farming.

Brochan is the scottish word for which type of food?

Brochan is an oat based dish, or commonly known as 'porridge'

What would hera eat?

All of the Gods has a special type of food or drink known by some as "The Nectar of the Gods".