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To not tell my secrets to anyone

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Your right in Google  it is the same answer your brother is intelligen

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The term caveats means a warning towards a specific situation. It comes from a Latin term which means "let him beware." It's synonyms are warning, and caution.

The warning was on the speed limit sign you blew by. There is no requirement for the officer to let you off on your first ticket.

That she didn't give up,and let nobody stand up to you,stand up for yourself.

Caveat emptor is not an acronym or abbreviation. It's latin for "Let the buyer beware." A caveat is a warning. Emptor is related to the word emporium (store.)

tie the string around the bar magnet and let the bar magnet move freely. hope it helped

Warning to let you know your to close

Let it sit on a magnet overnite

STET it means "let it stand" in printer's terms

You need to use an electromagnet in a scrap yard so that you can let go of the pieces of scrap that you pick up. A permanent magnet would not allow you to let go.

Force of Magnet= qvbsin(x) let q= charge v=velocity b=magnetic field

STET is a mark used by editors meaning "Let it Stand"

Put it in Salt Water then, let it out to dry. After that, you repeat it a couple of times.

Kristalnacht was a warning of what the Germans were capable of. Though one cannot say that Kristalnacht was a direct indication of what was to come; it was the response to Kristalnacht that was the real indicator, as the lack of complaint/outrage let the Germans think that they could do whatever they wanted and the world would stand by and let them.

Warning can be a noun. Example: The police officer let me go with just a warning.Warning is an adjective too. Example: The warning bell rings four minutes before the final bell.Warning is also a present participle, which is used to create progressive (continuous) verb tenses. Example: I am warningyou not to eat my chocolate!

On this occasion I'm going to let you off with a warning.

to let the plant to stand upstright

This it stands = Sic statLet it stand (used in proofreading, editing) = Stet

you will either get a ticket ,or be let off with a warning

it depends on what you did. if they do, u can still expect fines

Fermoy's motto is 'Let you stand forever'.

The formula:Let "H" stand for your horse.Let "B" stand for your horses BREED.Let "int" stand for intelligence.Let "pers" stand for personality.(H int + H pers / B int + B pers) x 100 = %In other words . . .Horse intelligence plus horse personality divided by Breed intelligence plus Breed personality times 100 equals the horse percentage.

Open a lemonade stand and let the kids get a feel of the real world or have a yard sale and sale all the old stuff and give them a piece of the action

The Function of the muscular system is to move your limbs, let you stand up, to let you walk and to let you do anything involving moving.

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