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Q: What would happen if I was to swallow another guys cum?
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Why do guys like you to swallow?

its cleaner

Should you spit or swallow while giving head?

guys like swallow.

Do guys like it better if you spit or swallow?

swallow is way hotter but plz...dnt try to kiss him when your done, some guys will kiss you but...most wont

How can you tell if a guy wants you to spit or swallow?

All guys want you to swallow, but you don't have to unless you want to.

What if a Men swollw sprem?

it's ok to swallow sperm. I do it all the time with black guys. it's better to do it with black guys than white guys because black guys are more tasty than white guys. IF YOU ENJOY IT LIKE ME NEVER STOP DOING IT

Do guys get grossed out if a girl swallows the skeet?

When it comes to oral, there's two types of guys 1) they like it when you swallow the cum 2) they get grossed out It all depens on the guy Some guys love it when you swallow, while others think its nasty, and it sicks them out.. Just talk to him, n say, which kind of guy are you, when ever you guys get to that conversation.. teehee! Lol I say, be lucky he doesn't like when u swallow :) have fun

What happen to the guys from battlefield field bad company 2?

It will be continued on another battlefield I guess it was to build the anticipation

What would happen if a ben 10 watch was real?

Then who ever has it would turn into aliens and save bad guys

Are you supposed to spit or swallow?

It depends what you're into.. it's a turn on for guys, but they like to see it dribble down your chin too if it tastes bad spit, but if you like it then swallow

What would happen to your blood if your heart stops?

it stops pumping obviously come on guys lets get with the program

What is another word for good guys?

Another word for 'good guys' is 'righteous advisories'

When guys talk about girls nipples do they get mad?

Absolutely not for they are all guys. Another thing is that when guys are taliking to each other they would not mind at all if they are discussing malicious business for they believe that guys will always be a guy.

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