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Diocletian and Constantine.

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Q: What 2 leaders' policies were based on control and coercion?
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How did dicletian's and constantine's policies rob the roman empire of vitality?

the economic and social policies of both emperors were based on control and coercion,and in the long run, stifled the empire when it most needed vitality

Economic and social policies of diocletian and Constantine?

Economic and social policies of Diocletian and Constantine were suppressive. Their policies were based on were based on the loss of individual freedom and coercion.

What are A.E.P. policies?

Network admission control and policy-based resource control are based on user identity.

Which sociological perspective would most likely argue that the social order is based on coercion and exploitation?

The conflict perspective, rooted in the ideas of Karl Marx, would be most likely to argue that the social order is based on coercion and exploitation. This perspective focuses on the struggle for power and resources between different groups in society, with the dominant group maintaining control through coercion and exploitation of subordinate groups.

How do Communism leaders take power?

With the exception of Chile, all communist leaders have used force of arms to take control of a country.

What is a state run by the church is called?

A state run by the church is called a theocracy. In a theocracy, religious leaders hold political power and influence government policies and decisions based on religious principles.

What does the right of choice mean?

The right of choice refers to the freedom and autonomy individuals have to make decisions based on their preferences, beliefs, and values. It involves the ability to choose one's own path, make decisions without coercion, and have control over one's own life.

You are designing network access control so that remote users are limited to accessing the network during normal business hours only. Policies regarding user access apply to all users.?

Rule-based Access Control

What type of government is based on religious rule?

Theocracy is a type of government where religious leaders or institutions hold political power. In a theocracy, religious laws and beliefs heavily influence and shape government policies and decision-making.

Han rulers based their policies on the teaching of?

they based on confucios' ideas.

Which of these statements is falseThe Enlightenment was based on the concept that people could use reason to find happiness?

The statement is not false. The Enlightenment was indeed based on the idea that reason could help individuals achieve happiness, by promoting rational thinking, scientific inquiry, and individual freedoms.

What were Diocletian and Constantine's policies based on?

Philosophy and Peniology.