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rotation on axis and revolving around earth

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What are the two motions of the moon?

the two motions of the moon are revolution and rotation.

What two motions does the moon have and How long does the moon take to complete both of these motions?

the two motions are :-the moon rotating on it's axis-the moon revolving around the earth

What 2 motions do bulls reacts to?

they hate it when you moon them! but other people are attracted to it

How many motions does the moon have?

The motion of the moon is 2,808 a year

How does the moon have 3 different motions?

The moon it has been told to be called the Phases of the moon instead of having different motions , as the earth spins on it axis that's what causes the phases of the moon.

How long does the moon take to complete both of the moon motions?

28 days

What are the changing views of the moon seen from earth each motions?

moon phases

What two motions does the moon have?

revolution anad rotation

How long does the moon take to complete its motions?

27.3 days.

Are the moon sun and earth allined by magnetism?

Magnetism is not involved in the positions or motions of the sun, moon, or earth.

What is the cause of the different phases of the moon?

That's caused by the motions of Earth-Moon system around the Sun and Moon around the Earth.

What are the 2 motions of earth?

The two motions are your mom and ur nerdy self

How long does it take for the moon to rotate and revolve?

27.32 days for both motions

How long does it take for the moon to complete both motions?

it takes 1 month

What force is responsible for orbiting motions of the sun moon and earth?

The force of gravity.

How are the tides on earth affected by the motions of the moon?

The moon's gravity pulls the tide in and out

What motions do stars and planets have in common?

well you can see the moon the planets and stars in the night but in day you can only just see the moon

What motions causes the moon to change phases?

The lunar orbit, or maybe more precisely, the mutual earth-moon orbit.Orbit

How many motions of the moon?

there are 8 phases of the moon: #1 new moon, #2 new crescent, #3 first quarter. #4 waxing gibbous, #5 full moon, #6 waning gibbous, #7 last quarter, #8 waning crescent. hope this helps!!

How are the moon and the sun similar?

They are similar because the moon is dark; without the sun we could not see the moon. [That makes them related, not similar.] They both have apparent motions relative to the earth.

When we turn a screw it undergoes 2 kinds of motions at the same time. Identify the 2 kind of motions?

The motions are a rotation as the screw is turned, and a downward or upward motion as the screw threads bite into the wood.

How do the motions of the earth and your moon affect your lives?

because dogs have sex every two seconds

What two motions does the earth's moon have?

The moon has three major motions, and probably a few other subtle ones as well. The moon orbits the earth in an elliptical orbit. It joins its partner the earth in earth's elliptical orbit around the sun. And it rotates on its axis once per lunar cycle, since it is gravitationally locked with the earth.

How long does the moon take to complete both of the motions?

it takes like some hours to rotate all that

How the boisphere affect the atmosphere?

okay this is ow that biosphere affect atmosphere because it moves motions and it only has one slice of a moon in the day some times the whole moon but now half moon.