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The 3 piece band which featured guitar legend Eric Clapton was Cream, where he played with Jack Bruce (bass) and Ginger Baker (drums). Previously, Eric Clapton played with The Yardbirds and appeared on the single Layla as part of Derek and The Dominoes.

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Q: What 2 musicians played n the band with Clapton?
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Which band was Eric clapton in the longest?

Clapton was a only 2 years a Yardbird member and he was a member of Cream for 3 years. Clapton was in lots of other bands but he didn't stay long in them... After these bands he started his solo carreer

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Yes. Eric Clapton released Knockin' On Heavens Door on a single in June 1975. It's also been on his Crossroads 2 : Live In The Seventies, Time Pieces and The Best Of Eric Clapton.

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