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The mitochondria supply the cell with ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is responsible for the release of energy

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Q: What 2 organelles supplies the energy to the cell?
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Related questions

What organelles would be included in the category called energy related organelles?

nuvleus, mitochondria,vacuoles, cell membrane plants have these 2 additional organelles: chloroplasts and cell walls

What are the three main categories of organelles within the cytoplasm?

(1) organelles that produce proteins within the cell; (2) organelles that produce energy in the cell; and (3) specialty organelles. All of these organelles are active within the cytoplasm to help make the cell function correctly.

Which 2 organelles provide the cell with energy?

The mitochondria and the nucleus ~your mom's chest hair~

What are 2 organelles in a plant cell not in a animal cell?

The Cell Wall and the Chloroplasts.

What are 2 organelles that are not visible in a cheek cell?

Two organelles that are not visible in a cheek cell are the mitochondria and ribosomes. These organelles cannot be viewed using ordinary microscopes.

What are 2 organelles found in a plant cell that are not found in a animal cell?

1. cell wall 2. chloroplast

What 2 organelles are in the plant cell that aren't in the animal cell?

chloroplast and cell wall

Name 2 cell organelles having DNA?

Chloroplasts and Mitochondria are the organelles having DNA.

What are 2 organelles found inside of a plant cell but not in animal cell?

Cell wall and Chlorophyll.

What are 2 organelles found in side of a plant cell but not an animal cell?

Cell wall and chloroplasts.

What 2 organelles are found in a plant cell and not in a animal cell?

Chloroplasts, vacuole, cell wall.....

What is the term that refers to cell's such as human cell's with a nucleus and membrane bound organelles?

There are 2 types of cells, 1. Eukaryotic cell- they have nucleus and membrane bound organelles. 2. Prokaryotic cell- they do not have true nucleus and no membrane bound organelles. Human cells are eukaryotic in nature.

Name the 3 cell organelles having double membrane envelope?

The three cell organelles that have double membranes are: 1. Nucleus 2. Mitochondria 3. Chloroplast

What are autonomous cell organlles?

None , but there are 2 semiautonomous organelles .

What 2 organelles in the cell are instrumental in the making of proteins?


What event occurs during late interphase in preparation for mitosis?

Gap 2 (G2) - the cell will prepare for cell division during G2 by making the organelles needed for cell division, it will replicate all of the organelles.

What are the organelles in a cell?

The organelles in a cell are: 1. cell membrane 2. cell wall 3. nucleus 4. mitochondria 5. endoplasmic reticulum 6. ribosomes 7. Golgi bodies 8. chloroplasts 9. vacuoles 10. lysosmes Your welcome!

What are the 2 organelles in a plant cell that help support it and help maintain its shape?

The cell wall and brain

What cell and organelles are affected by type 2 diabetes?

the good ones

What are 2 organelles not visible in onion cell?

Chloroplasts cannot be seen.Also centrioles are absent.

What are the 2 main organelles in your body?

These are the Cell nucleus and the mitochondria. Also of great importance are the excretory associated organelles the lysosomes and the peroxisomes.

What is a proakryotic cell?

a cell that lacks membrane-bound organelles and a cell nucleus. divided into 2 domains: 1 bacteria 2 archaea

Which 2 organelles help to support the plant cell?

Mitochondria & Chloroplasts

2 organelles that are common to plants?

chloroplasts cell wall

What 3 organelles are in plants but not in animal cells?

1. chloroplasts 2. cell wall 3. ??