What 2 organelles supplies the energy to the cell?


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The mitochondria supply the cell with ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is responsible for the release of energy

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nuvleus, mitochondria,vacuoles, cell membrane plants have these 2 additional organelles: chloroplasts and cell walls

The mitochondria and the nucleus ~your mom's chest hair~

Two organelles that are not visible in a cheek cell are the mitochondria and ribosomes. These organelles cannot be viewed using ordinary microscopes.

Chloroplasts and Mitochondria are the organelles having DNA.

None , but there are 2 semiautonomous organelles .

1. Chloroplast 2. Mitochondrion

The three cell organelles that have double membranes are: 1. Nucleus 2. Mitochondria 3. Chloroplast

There are 2 types of cells, 1. Eukaryotic cell- they have nucleus and membrane bound organelles. 2. Prokaryotic cell- they do not have true nucleus and no membrane bound organelles. Human cells are eukaryotic in nature.

Gap 2 (G2) - the cell will prepare for cell division during G2 by making the organelles needed for cell division, it will replicate all of the organelles.

These are the Cell nucleus and the mitochondria. Also of great importance are the excretory associated organelles the lysosomes and the peroxisomes.

The organelles in a cell are: 1. cell membrane 2. cell wall 3. nucleus 4. mitochondria 5. endoplasmic reticulum 6. ribosomes 7. Golgi bodies 8. chloroplasts 9. vacuoles 10. lysosmes Your welcome!

a cell that lacks membrane-bound organelles and a cell nucleus. divided into 2 domains: 1 bacteria 2 archaea

Chloroplasts cannot be seen.Also centrioles are absent.

Flagellum and Cilium (flagella and cilia)pl.

Mitochondria are the power plants for the cells. Chloroplasts also produce energy for plants.

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