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Q: What 2 social classes made up Jamestown fort?
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What 2 social classes made up the Jamestown fort?


What two social classes made up the Jamestown settlement?


Social classes in Maryland in 1700's?

Social classes varied. Most of the people in the classes were made of negro slaves which made up one fourth of the Maryland colony.

Who made up the three classes in the Sumerian social hierarchy?

Community members made up the three classes in the Sumerian society.

What building materials did the English settlers use to build Jamestown?

They cut down trees to make the Jamestown fort. Why triangular.? they made it triangular because they had to make it really fast. spanish were going to attack soon so they did it that way

What led to the end of Jamestown?


Which social classes existed in Sumeria?

Social Classes: - Upper class contained nobles, priests, government officials and warriors. - Merchants, traders and artisans made up a Middle or "Freeman" Class. - Slavery

What was Sparta and Athens made up of?

athens was made up of four social classes. aristocrats,citizens,metics and slaves.

How were social classes divided in ancient Rome?

Five of the social classes in ancient Rome were the patricians, the plebeians, the equites, freedmen and slaves.

How did different social classes in the tang dynasty affect government?

they made the government collapse and get killed by the emperor

What were the social classes in the Fertile Crescent?

There were three social classes in the Fertile Crescent region. The top class consisted of kings, priests, and wealthy land owners. The middle class was made up of skilled labor, merchants, and farmers. The bottom class was made up of slaves.

How did the social structure change in the late 1800?

Instead of nobles and pleasents, a more complex social structure emerged, made up of three classes.