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Italy, Germany, and Japan

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Germany was one of the axis power countries in World War 2.

The main three countries of the Axis powers in World War 2 were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Axis Power's conquest of other countries.

The main two countries that made up the axis powers at the beginning of world war 2 was Germany and Italy. Later in the war, Japan joined them.

The Axis Powers contained Germany, Italy, and Japan.

what countries did the axis power control in the early November 1942

The major countries that were Axis in WWII are Germany, Italy and Japan.

Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Germany, Italy and Japan

One of the weaknesses of the Axis of Power was the countries that belonged to it. Each of the countries had their own issues to deal with, which made them less able to work together to meet their goals.

On the "Axis" side: primarily Germany, Italy, and Japan. The axis also included minor powers such as Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Manchkuo, Romania, Thailand, Persia and more...

the countries on the side of the axis were Germany, Italy, japan, Finland and other smaller European countries

The Axis powers were the countries which fought the Allies in World War II For a list, see the link below

The Allies were trying to stop the Axis from invading Britain

I don't think there was a grouping called the Axis in WWI, the Axis was in WWII.

Germany started World War 2 by invading Poland. It was an Axis power. Germany created the Axis, starting in 1936.

In world war two, the axis power were Japan, Germany and Italy.

Allies: Britain, Russia, and the US Axis: Italy, Germany, and Japan.

Axis-Adolf Hitler Allies-Harry S. Trueman Winston Churchhill

The countries that were included in the Axis Powers, during the time that World War II was taking place, were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

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