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america,France,Brazil,North America,south america

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Q: What 5 countries produce the most diamonds?
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Name the top 5 countries that produce the most chocolate?

The top 5 countries that produce the most chocolate are the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Which 5 countries in the world produce the most gold?

# South africa # The united States # Australia

What countrys does oil come from?

There are several countries that produce oil. Some of the oil producing countries are America, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada, and Nigeria.

Which country has the most tobacco plantations?

There are 5 countries that produce the most tobacco. China has 2 million acres of tobacco plants. India is the next biggest producer, then Brazil, and then the US.

What has been done to stop blood diamonds?

In countries like the USA, a diamond has to be shown with a Kimberly certificate to show that it's not a blood diamond. By using this process, the marketing of blood diamonds has gone down to 5%.

How tall is Diane Diamonds?

Diane Diamonds is 5' 8".

What are the some countries that produce oil?

Some countries that produce oil include Saudi Arabia, the United States, Russia, China, and Canada. These countries are known for their significant oil reserves and production capabilities.

Are 5 pointed stars found on diamonds I have them on Corundum gems?

Are 5 pointed stars found on raw diamonds

Who benefits from fairtrade?

The farmers who farm the produce, mainly people in 3rd world countries. Usually they would get payed about 5% of the money from their own produce.

Which 5 countries produce cotton in the middle east?

Turkey,Pakistan,Iran,Israel,Saudi Arabia

How many 5 of diamonds in deck?

Only one 5 of diamonds card is found in a standard 52 card deck.

How many fives of diamonds are in a deck of cards?

One 5 of diamonds in a deck of cards