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In countries like the USA, a diamond has to be shown with a Kimberly certificate to show that it's not a blood diamond. By using this process, the marketing of blood diamonds has gone down to 5%.

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Q: What has been done to stop blood diamonds?
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How can we stop blood diamonds?

we can stop it by makeing diamonds cost less or not buying them

Why are you finding it difficult to stop blood diamonds?

So long as there are criminals in the world, there will be blood diamonds.

What is being done to try to stop conflict diamonds?

The Kimberley process was created to try and stop conflict diamonds.

Where do blood diamonds go to?

65 percent of the world's diamonds come from Africa which is where the issue of blood diamonds is the biggest concern. In the past these diamonds could end up anywhere and no one would know any better. Recently there have been checks and balances put in place to stop the majority of blood diamonds from leaving Africa. Africa, Liberia, Angola, and Sierra Leone are places that blood diamonds are traded for arms or used to fund wars and terrorism.

Why is it difficult to stop blood diamonds in a ledc country?

Blood diamonds are used by terrorists to fund mayhem against humans and conduct wars. The gem-stone diamond industry does provide a Certificate Programme for diamond consumers, that certifies that a diamond is not a blood diamond. Stopping the collection or trade in blood diamonds is like any evil: it will be with us always.

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