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Q: What African country has the world's largest wild animal population?
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The largest land animal on earth?

The largest terrestrial animal is the flying hianustop.The largest terrestrial mammal is the African Bush Elephant, Loxodonta Africana.

The biggest animal on the land?

The biggest land animal is the African elephant, and the biggest water animal is the blue whale. Whales are much bigger than elephants.

Which animal has big head?

The Sperm Whale (Physeter Macrocephalus) (Cachalot) is the animal with the largest head in the world (both in general and aquatically). The African Bush Elephant (Loxodonta Africana) is the largest-headed terrestrial animal in the world. The extinct aquatic animal with the largest head would probably be either a Mosasaurus Hoffmannii or a Carcharodon Megaladon. The Titanoceratops Ouranos is the extinct terrestrial animal with the largest head.

What is the second largest land animal in the world?

== == The African elephant is the largest land animal. It could be said that the Asian elephant is the second largest. If you lump all elephants together, that would leave the white rhinoceros as the second largest. The Indian rhinoceros and the hippopotamus are "similar" in size to the white rhino, but the record largest white rhino is larger than either the Indian rhino or the hippo.

What is the largest land animal?

1st largest:African Elephant! It is 10-11 feet high and weighs about 5 tons.2nd largest:Asian ElephantThe answer is the African ElephantThe African Bush Elephant is the world's largest land animal. It can grow to be 13 feet tall and weigh 8 tons.