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Q: What African plant has leaves chewed as a stimulant?
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Which Asian climbing plant is chewed as a digestive stimulant?

Betel leaves(Piper betle)are widely used as a digestive stimulant in Southeast Asia.In some places,Areca nuts are used with betel leaves.

What stimulant is made from the leaves of the coca plant?


What is a powerful stimulant drug derived from the leaves of the coca plant?


What is Ethiopias exports?

Principal exports are coffee, qat (or khat, a flowering plant chewed for its stimulant properties), gold, leather products, livestock and oilseeds.

Does african violet reproduce asexually?

Yes, the African Violet plant does reproduce asexually. It reproduces through losing its leaves. From there the leaves regrow the entire plant system.

How do you save a Spider Plant when all the leaves have been chewed in half?

If the leaves were chewed by insects then first treat with a systemic insectide. Otherwise, prune any dead or broken pieces off, fertilize with osmocote or Miracle gro or whatever and remember, don't over water.

Can you give me a sentence for tobacco?

Tobacco is a plant in which the leaves are mainly smoked in pipes and cigarettes and consumed as chewing tobacco. It contains the stimulant nicotine.

What types of leaves are hairy?

African violets have "hairy" leaves and so does a plant commonly called Lambs Ear.

What causes trailing African violets leaves to curl?

It could be that either; the area your growing them in is too cold or maybe it's getting a draft on it. Sometimes if the plant is getting to much light or there might be a relection off the tray your plant is sitting in will cause curling of leaves.

South African plant with fleshy leaves showy flowers and edible fruit?

hotentot fig

Is the cocoa pod a leaf?

Cocoa leaves are edible. They have been used by the indigenous people of South America as a stimulant and medicinal plant for thousands of years.

Plant with purplish pink or white flowers and velvety heart shaped leaves genus saint paulia?

African violet