What Andes is like?

Updated: 9/4/2021
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Q: What Andes is like?
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What is the land like in Andes?


Which mountain range is bigger - The Andes or the Himalayas?

I'd like to know - Which moutain range is truly the largest. Is it the Andes, Rockies or the Himalayas? it is the Andes

What do the Andes mountain potatos smell like?


What is the Andes Mountains climate like?

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WhaT is significant about the Andes mountains?

It looks like a donut

What range is higher Andes or Urals or Rockies or Himalayas?

The Himalayas have some of the highest mountains in the world, like Mt. Everest.

How old is Andes in South America?

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What is significant about the Andes Mountain range?

It looks like a donut

What is the landscape of the Andes like?

Andes is the World's longest continental mountain range. It runs through seven countries in South America. Andes is a continual range of highlands with a total length of 7000 kilometers. There are also several high plateaus in Andes which have cities like Quito, Bogotá, Arequipa, Medellín, Sucre, Mérida, and La Paz.

What is the vegetation like in the Andes mountais?

The Andes mountains are in South America and span over 4,700 miles. They are mostly volcanoes, with several that are active.

Were the Andes mountains formed as a result of ocean continental convergence?

The Andes Mountains :) ***** I would like to add the Himalayas, which rose when the Indian Plate collided with the European plate.

What chain of mountains lies between Chile and Argentina?

The Andes Mountains