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It is best to wear trousers - dark with a light coloured horse or light tith a dark coloured horse- this way you dont distract the judge when they are watching your horses legs as you run with them! A waistcoat or tweed jacket and tie and a hat.

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What attire to wear for in hand showing of horses in an evening performance?

For in-hand showing I would suggest black riding jeans with a "show shirt" that also accents your horses coloring. If you wear a hat make sure that it matches the outfit. during the winter time if you show then, I would suggest some dark colors that will still "pop" the horses coloring so the judges see that you took the time in making your horse look good.

What do you wear when you are a obstetrician?

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What is something that you wear that start with letter A?

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What do i do My mom said that I am not allowed to wear tights and I am eleven but i ride horses and i have to wear jodhpurs what do i do?

If you ride horses I would have another adult talk to your mom and explain why you need to wear tights or jodhpurs and what safety concerns are regarding proper attire and horses. This could be an instructor, barn owner etc.

What did Arthur's hand picked warrior's horses wear?


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What is hand breeding for horses?

really, its wear the owners have the horses while their breeding, instead of doing it in the pasture by their selves.

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What do you wear to a sweet 16 dance party with clubbing attire or what is clubbing attire?

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What are riding jodphurs?

Jodphurs are pants worn by equestrians when riding or showing horses. Usually children wear them when showing with short jodphur boots and jodphur straps. Adults do not usually wear jodphurs when showing as breeches and tall field or dress boots are more appropriate for adults.

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Upscale attire generally means to wear a professional outfit. This consists of dress pants, shoes, and a tucked in undershirt. For women it means to wear a gown or dress that is classy looking.

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