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What Beatles song uses a penny whistle?

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I'm pretty sure 'Fool on the Hill', but there could be others.

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What commercial uses a song by the beatles?

Couple of years ago, Target had a commercial using the song, "Hello, Goodbye" by The Beatles. Look it up, I think you'll remember the tune.

Which beatles song uses 3rds and fifths?

Lots of them. The third above and the fifth below a tonic note are elementary harmonies.

Who is coach whistle in the movie?

The coach whistle is usually an actor in the movies, who rounds up the actors and the staff. It is similar to coach whistle in the sports, where one uses a whistle to get attention of others.

Which country has penny as a currency?

The United States uses the penny. Canada also has pennies.

What are the uses of whistle in emergency kit?

mostly to get kids attention or to signal for help

What was the second Beatles album?

The second Beatles album was "with the Beatles". It was made in 1963 and lots of songs of theirs we know are on it. It uses the same cover art as the album "Meet the Beatles" which was released exclusively in the U.S.A for their tour here.

What equipment does a umpire use in netball?

An umpire calls all the shots and uses a whistle

What type of darts does the Nerf stampede use?

the Nerf stampede uses whistle bullets

Who uses the whistle in volleyball?

Usually the two people with whistles are the first and second referees.

How do you play la bamba on the guitaR?

The Beatles version uses barre chords "D", "G", "A"...another (older) version uses open chords "C", "F", "G". This is the version where the guitar walks up to the "C" chord to begin the song.

Did the Beatles make a mash-up song?

The Beatles themselves never made a mash-up song in there recording days, in the strict definition as we know it - mixing two existing songs together to make a new song. However, you could say that a few of their compositions were "pseudo-mashups", where two unfinished song fragments that were written separately were used to create an original Beatles composition. Two examples are "A Day In The Life" and "Happiness Is A Warm Gun". There are some mash-ups using Beatles songs, such as "the Grey album" mash-ups, using Beatles music from their White album mixed with accapella vocals from Jay-Z's Black album. These are strictly underground and not approved by The Beatles. The only official Beatles mash-ups are from the music used in the "Love" theatrical production, where multiple Beatles songs are often mashed up to each other to create remixes of existing songs. For example the opening song, "Get Back", uses the "Hard Days Night" guitar intro, the drum solo from "The End" and the orchestral buildup from "A Day In The Life".

A song with a alliteration?

Alliteration is a literary device in which a consonant sound is repeated at the beginning of many words. A song that uses alliteration is "Baby's in Black" by the Beatles. Repetition of the (b) sound occurs in the chorus - "Baby's in black, and I'm feeling blue."

What is the meaning of the song whistle?

It's a song about oral sex, but the songwriter didn't want to just come out and say that, or the song would have been banned from radio airplay. It has long been a custom in pop music to use euphemism and innuendo when writing lyrics that might otherwise be controversial. Euphemism is a clever way of substituting another word for the bad word-- "the F-bomb" is a euphemism, and everybody knows what word you really wanted to say. In "Whistle," the singer uses innuendo, which means hinting about something without really coming out and saying it. He seems like he is talking about showing his girlfriend how to whistle (and in fact, he does whistle a few notes), but he is also talking about showing her how to put her lips on something else and blow it... in other words, his penis.

How many films have at least one Beatles song?

I don't know if you mean original Beatles tracks, or if you want cover songs included, but..."Love, Actually" has She Loves You in it."Across The Universe" is a musical which uses some of The Beatles' most popular songs to tell the plot of the movie. The songs are covers by the actors, though.At the end credits of "Pleasantville," there's an Across The Universe cover by Fiona Apple.Hope that helped.

Would you be able to look at a penny with a compound light microscope?

no, because the penny is not see-through. The compound light microscope uses a light and all you would see is a dark spot that used to be the penny.

Who uses a penny farthing?

Today, only a few dedicated enthusiasts for special rides.

What is the name of the song that DX from WWE uses?

The song is called Break It Down.

What cypress hill song uses the song duke of earl in it?

Hand On The Pump

Does Lady Gaga's song Judas have to do with the Bible?

The song uses biblical metaphors.

What is the radius of a penny?

There are many countries whose minor currency unit is a penny. For some strange reason, the US cent is also called a penny! All these pennies differ in size. The main economy that uses a penny is the United Kingdom, where its radius is 10.15 millimetres.

Which of the Beatles was famous for saying peace and love?

Ringo Starr adopted that as his motto and catchphrase, and still uses it today.

What are the electronic devices that NBA referees where on the back of their pants?

The NBA uses a sensing device attached to the referee's whistle to stop the clock automatically when the whistle is blown - this avoids the time lag that occurs when a sideline timekeeper listens for the whistle and then shuts off the clock. The clock then restarts when the refs press a tiny button at their waist as play resumes.

Which animal uses song for courtship?


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my life by JT

What show or movie uses the song who you are by Jessie j?

step up 3D uses it