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Beliefs essential to Hinduism includes



hard work


dharma comes on the top of the list.

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Hinduism includes selflessness devotion and valor duty hard work ambition dharma comes on the top of the list.

Hinduism was born in India. India has played very essential role in spreading of Hinduism throughout the south east India.

The five major beliefs in Hinduism is Brahman,multiple duties,

Beliefs about sacred matters--God, soul and cosmos--are essential to one's approach to life. Hindus believe many diverse things, but there are a few bedrock.

According to Hinduism Reincarnation (punarjanma) is essential part of life and death cycle. After a person dies he goes into Reincarnation (punarjanma) cycle and takes a new form in his or her next life.

Some of the shared beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism are rebirth and Karma

One of Hinduism beliefs when they die they move onto a place called Summerland.

Hinduism grew out of the ancient beliefs of the Aryans.

Hinduism mostly believe in a God and reincarnation.

One of the basic beliefs of Hinduism out of the 9 beliefs is that belief is each living creature on this planet has a soul, and all these souls are superpower and spiritual.

Hinduism is a religion mainly practiced in India. While Dharma (righteous living) is an essential part of Hinduism.

Main beliefs of Hinduism are Purity (shaucham) & Compassion (dayā) . Also Austerity (tapaḥ) & Dharma (righteous living) .

Sikhism 'blended' the beliefs of Islam and Hinduism.

One of their beliefs is that they have one supreme god.

yes it is believed that Sikhhism was originally derived from Hinduism and Islam

Hinduism has many diversified Religious views. But some of them are Non Violence & Peace.

Sikhism incorporated spiritual beliefs from both Hinduism and Islam

HINDUISM IS BASED ON ABSOLUTE FACTS:Hinduism considers that facts are superior to beliefs. The supreme Hindu god Brahman is systematic representation of absolute and eternal facts.Science is based on transient and relative facts. In marked contrast, Brahman is absolute and eternal facts i.e. facts that does change with time, place or person.Hinduism can be decoded and understood completely. It even permits understanding creation of god.Therefore, there is absolutely no scope for false beliefs in Hinduism. It is for this reason that Hinduism allows its criticism to any extent.Most people take the literal meaning of Hindu beliefs and thus conclude that Hindu beliefs are false. They don't realize that beliefs are always symbolic.Therefore Hinduism is based on absolute and eternal facts and there is absolutely no scope for false beliefs in Hinduism.

Yes, Beliefs of reincarnationare deeply rooted in Hindu religion. But not only limited to Hinduism , Judasim, Jainism & Islam also believes in reincarnation.

Hinduism is an old religion based on the beliefs of karma and dharma. Hinduism is practiced through out India and is their dominant religion.

Hinduism was developed from Brahmanism. Brahmanism accepted and adapted many different beliefs and values and thus developed into Hinduism.

Buddhism was originated from Hinduism. also jainism, sikhism were originated from Hinduism, many other religions accepted Non violence and other beliefs of Hinduism.

Nobody. Hinduism has no founder (developer).