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What Blood cells are needed to clot blood?


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blood platelets is need to clot the blood

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A blood clot is a mass of coagulated red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in a network of fibrin.

White blood cells help clot the blood. Low PH makes red blood cells clump together

Platelet cells are the component within blood cells that help control bleeding by helping blood to clot.

if you are asking what blood cells help blood clot up to keep your cut from bleeding out, they're platelets. :)

It's not a blood cell. It is platelets. They clot due to blood loss from damaged blood vessels

A blood clot is a semisolid gelatinous mass of coagulated consisting of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets enclosed in a fibrin network. A great variety of structural proteins are present in a blood clot, for instance haemoglobin in red blood cells, antibodies in white blood cells, and fibrin in the platelets.

Blood clotting involves platelets.

Why a blood clot is the coronary artery stops the red blood cells from respiring normally

Blood clots are the individual blood cells getting stuck together.

it won't clot if your blood cells clot, it will cause a heart attack

fat globules . platelets ( blood cells )

Platelets help in blood clotting.

yep they do. when you have a cut your white blood cells go to it and clot the blood to stop the bleeding. that's why when people have HIV which kills the cells and also lukemia if they get a cut it takes longer to stop bleeding.

Why Yes its a blood clot; A Blood Clot is a Blood Clot no matter how you look at it.

a possible way it can kill you is from a simple blood clot. If the sickle shaped blood cells that formed into clumps stick to the walls of the blood vessels, blood flow will be blocked and the lack of blood circulation can cause a blood clot. If that blood clot so happens to follow the blood stream into your heart... YOU WILL DIE.

Red blood cells carry oxygen to cells. White blood cells fight disease. Platelets clot the blood. Plasma is the liquid that carries it all.

There are blood cells, which transport nutrients to different parts of the body, white blood cells, whuich fight disease, and platelets, which clot blood at cuts or wounds.

When blood cells are creating a blood clot.

Red blood cells are used to transport blood and oxygen to cells in our body while platelets clot blood when u are bleeding, to prevent excessive blood loss

Platelets or blood clotting proteins cause blood to clot. want your blood to clot.

It is a blood clot in an artery.

blood does clot and so can your arteries it will clot if you will have a major accident...

Platelets help the body to clot blood.Platelets help the body to clot blood

yes, its bad for your body because iron keeps your red blood cells healthy,and we need red blood cells for breathing.. :) it also helps thicken the blood to clot. if your blood can't clot, you just keep bleeding

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