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The cheapest option I know of is to take a metro bus (204 is preferable but 24 will work if you don't mind a longer trip and having to walk a few blocks in downtown buffalo) to the Greyhound Bus Terminal. From there, you can take a Greyhound bus (or possibly Coach Canada) to Toronto. You can do this for under $20 if you're lucky. Various alternatives include using a taxi instead of a bus. If you'd rather not go to downtown buffalo and are willing to pay at least $50 not to, there are some shuttles that run from Buffalo-Niagara Airport to Niagara falls, Canada. From there, you'll need to find another shuttle/bus to get back to Toronto. I don't know of any direct routes, except taxi services, which will be really expensive (maybe up to $300).


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The answer to the question will completely depend on how quickly the person wants to get from Buffalo Airport to the Toronto Airport, and how much they are willing to spend.The options below range from a Taxi which is the most expensive, but quickest, to bus and rail that will be cheaper, but take longer.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Niagra Falls Taxi" has a list of pricing, including: Buffalo to Toronto Airport area $168 USD-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I live in Toronto and would NOT recommend taking a US based taxi from Buffalo to Toronto airport. Way too expensive.The MUCH better way is to take an airport cab to the Buffalo Greyhound bus station, then go by Greyhound bus to the Toronto downtown bus terminal and then get on the Toronto air port express bus that goes every 20 minutes to the airport. Travel time....Buffalo to Toronto 3hours, and 30 minutes to the air port from downtown terminal. Cost in total about $70 CDN. Which equals about $50 USD.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Amtrak: $80 US There is one train per day from the Buffalo airport to Toronto. Leaves at 3pm from Buffalo and arrives in TO 8pm. From Toronto to Buffalo, it leaves 830a and arrives 110p. The Depew bus station is the one closest to the airport.Greyhound: $70 US There are multiple buses throughout the day from Buffalo to Toronto.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Buffalo Airport Limousine Service, $160 to Toronto airport or downtown.Their price can seat up to 4 people with luggage.Gtaa Taxi Toronto also offers Toronto to Buffalo Niagara Airport at $160.00.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Check out Megabus.They go around 2-3 times a day from the Buffalo Airport to Downtown Toronto. Check out the website as I've found the bus prices to fluctuate anywhere from 9 - 30 dollars. From there, you can use the TTC options to the airport.Megabus is by far the cheapest way (compared to 175 for taxis etc) you can also get directly from TO downtown to Buff downtown or BUFF Airport -so that's great - their site megabus updates info- BUT BEWARE with border crossings it can take a long time on any type of transportation -especially when they have to clear 20+ people before you can continue- so plan accordingly.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Greyhound busses now go directly to the Buffalo Airport and take you to Toronto (with stops at Buffalo greyhound station, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, St Catherines and Grimsby).The Greyhound schedule is more often than Megabus and competitively priced (if not on a 1$ Megabus fare).

you can either take the Magical Express buses from the airport to your resort or they offer mears buses to bring you there as well

Go to this website for the New Jersey Transit buses.

None of the GO Transit buses go from Toronto to Sutton, Ontario. Service to the Sutton location has been suspended.

There would not be buses direct to it, but all the buses from the airport go to the city centre, and would leave you close to it. You could walk the remaining distance, taking about 15 minutes, or just get a taxi from the city centre. This would be cheaper than getting a taxi direct from the airport.

I would go by train. Trains in Europe run on time and are efficient. There are also plenty of buses. They too are good.

Yes. There are buses from Belfast to Dublin, every hour, on the hour, 24 hours a day. Many of these go through Dublin Airport. Check at the Europa Bus Station in Belfast for more information.

Take I-290 to Peace Bridge. Once in Canada take QEW East to Toronto. If you are heading to the northern Toronto suburbs or to the Pearson Airport follow the 407 toll way east after you go over the bridge in Hamilton off of the QEW. Or take I-190 North to Lewiston Bridge then to the 405 to Qew east to 403 to 401 down to Toronto.

Yes. There are buses from Dublin to Belfast, every hour, on the hour, 24 hours a day. Many of these go through Dublin Airport.

Yes, buses do go from Dublin city, through Dublin Airport and on to Belfast to Europa Bus Station.

The Liverpool buses 81 and 81A go to and from the airport and Bootle via Woolton Road.

Greyhound does.Depending on the fare type purchased a one-way Adult ticket from Toronto to Miami will cost approximately $169.15 - $222.00(US).

Limo Services do not cost a lot of money. If you are looking for Airport Limo Service, it is almost the same price of Taxi in Short Trips but the longer you want to go the cheaper it is. For example Limo rates from Toronto Airport to Downtown Toronto is $ 50 and The Taxi is about $ 45. But if you want to go to Niagara Falls from Toronto Airport the limo will cost you $ 170 and the taxi is going to be over $ 200.

Yes. Take the train from Toronto to Buffalo, New York. Take the train from Buffalo, New York to Chicago, Illinois. Take the train from Chicago, Illinois to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Or go to Amtrak .com Via Rail .com and see if there is another way to get from Toronto to Minneapolis.

Go to Pearson International Airport, and book a flight with Air Canada.

Ride the subway to Lawrence West and ride the 58 Malton bus. Or ride the subway/GO train to Kipling station and ride the 192 Airport Express

There is more than one bridge from Canada to New York. The Queenston-Lewiston Bridge, Rainbow Bridge and Peace Bridge all go from Buffalo to Toronto.

You don't say where you are flying from.... The largest Canadian airport close to Detroit is Toronto, Ontario. You will also find a smaller airport in London, Ontario, but more than likely you would stop in Toronto first. I hope this is helpful!

Ithaca New York is the nearest city of any size. You might have to go into Buffalo.

There are buses from the airport. If you have not previously ordered your tickets you can purchase one at the airport. Alternatively you can go by taxi, but I have heard the price for this is approx 100 euros. To avoid disappointment it is best to book your transfers when you book your flight

Amtrak does not have train service to Bangor. They run connecting non-stop buses between Bangor and Portland, ME. Unfortunately, there is not any train service between Toronto and Portland, even with connections.

The Buffalo did not go extinct it nearly did.

There are a number of buses that can bring you from the airport to the city. You can get into the city for anything from €2 to €7, depending on the bus. Some are express buses and go more frequently, hence the extra charge. The others are less frequent and can take a longer route into the city and/or make lots of stops along the way, which is why they are cheaper.

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