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I think a Cherry Blossoms

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What is the name of a Chinese flower cultivated for its white showy flowers?


When does the Chinese Elm flower in Australia?

The Chinese Elm flowers during Autumn in Australia.

How do you spell flowers in chinese l?


White flower with name?

There are many white flowers, but one for example is the Trillium, a beautiful flower that is the flower of Ontario (Canada).

If a flower is white and both its parents flowers are red what does that tell you about the trait of the white flower?

Then white flowering is a Recessive gene.

Why are most flowers white?

parent flower genes.

What is the color of raspberry flower?

They have white flowers with red fruits.

What is a butterflies favorite flower?

I do not know but bees favorite flower are white and purple cone flowers

Is there a flower called may?

You have mayflower and they white flowers and they look like white daffodils.

Do onions have flowers?

Onions do flower. All the white onions and about 6 of the red onions have beautiful flowers on them

What does the sticky monkey flower do to your environment?

It makes a sticky white substance that will cover the flower and the flowers that surround it.

Flower that starts with a letter Y?

The Yucca bears white flowers

What does a bell flower look like?

bellflowers are flowers that has a similarity with a morning flower. The difference is that bellflowers are color white.

What is flower made of?

White flower is made of wheat and Corn flower is made of corn! Can't you tell the difference between flowers and flour?!

Why have your white agapanthus flowers turned blue?

Agapanthus colour is normally genetically determined, as such a white flower cannot turn blue. This does happen with flowers such as Hydrangea, where a blue or white flower can be turned pink - this is a result of the pH or acidity level of the soil

Why do you offer white flower to gods?

One of the reasons why white flowers are offered is because they are a sign of purity.

What color is the Flannel flower?

Flannel Flowers are a soft lime white colour

Is a Venus Flytrap a flower?

No, it is a plant however it does grow white flowers in Spring.

Does a lemon geranium flower?

yes, it is an angiosperm. It has small white/ pink flowers

Is a plant with purple flowers was crossed with a plan with white flowers what is the probability that the offspring will have purple flowers white flowers or pink flowers?

If Pink flower color is due to incomplete dominance then a cross witbeen pink anf white flowred plants will have a progeny of fifty percent pink and fifty percent white flowers only.

Why are flowers white?

Well first of all, only white flowers are white. Red ones are red for instance. But a white flower is one with no pigmentation, therefore they reflect the full light spectrum, which we see as white.

What white flower closes at night?

There are several flowers that close at night. One flower that does come in white and closes at night is the water Lily. Another is the Gazania.

What are trumpet flowers?

There are several flowers called trumpet flowers. Some Asiatic lilies are called trumpet lilies. There are Indian, Chinese and Velvet trumpet flowers. There is a trumpet vine and an Angel's Trumpet flower.

The crossing between a red flower and white flower produces all pink flowers this type of inheritance is known as?


Karl correns found that when plants with red flowers are mated with plants with white flowers they give plants that have pink flowers why does this happen?

It happens because heritage passed on to the flower was mixed so it turned out to be a pink flower