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Most DVRS' start with the capacity to store about 30 gigabytes of memory, while you can easily order and pay for a larger one to store more movies and televisions shows. Many other DVRS' allow you to have 180 gigabytes of storage or more, however, it is possible to order DVRS' or DVR expanders that will give you the availability to hold 500 gigabytes of stored shows. No particular brand offers the single highest amount of storage for a DVR, but many varieties all offer similar sized models at a range of prices.

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DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Obviously the role of the storage devices is to store the recorded video.

There is an 80 gigabyte storage capacity but you can upgrade by adding 2 additional HDD's, or even connect to the internet for off site storage..

If your DVR has an eSATA or Firewire port on the back, it is sometimes possible to attach a regular external hard drive for computers to it to expand the storage space. After formatting the external hard drive for the DVR, your DVR is most likely to restart recording TV shows into either its internal hard drive or external that you attached depending on which has more available storage space. Consult with your DVR's owner's manual. Note that you will not be able to take out the recordings from the external hard drive using a computer as the external hard drive has to be formatted FOR the DVR in such a way that the computer cannot see / access it.

TiVo makes the DVR with the most widely recognized user-friendly interface.

The most popular and reliable brand of DVR recorders would be TiVo.

You can purchase a DVR recorder at many places and most DVR recorders will come with your television set or with your cable or satellite TV provider. You can purchase a DVR online however at

Most TV providers provide DVR. I have Charter and I use their DVR service. I know that UVerse, Direct TV, and Comcast also offer DVR. It is great! I never miss my favorite shows now!

You could transfer them to another storage device, such as a flash drive or memory card. Or upload them to a secure online server for storage.

If you record strictly in HD format rather than standard it comes to only 30 hours but expanding the storage capacity will increase your recording time dramatically.

You can not only record HDTV on your DVR, it is considered to currently be the best way to do so. HDTV requires a large amount of space on your drive, so the bigger the storage unit the better if you plan on using your DVR to record HDTV. TiVo is an excellent feature and example that allows you to record HDTV.

That is entirely dependant on the built in disc space of the DVR used to store the videos. Check to see how much storage the device has. There should be a list in the manual or online at the site.

The EverFocus ECOR4 4-CH DVR w/DVD BURNER has 1000 GB.

You will need to pruchase an cable that connects your DVR to your computer. Most likely it is an USB cable.

The only way you can transfer recordings from your 622 DVR is by connecting an external hard drive to one of the USB ports. You won't be able to view the recordings on a computer. The DVR is written in a different language from Windows. The EHD allows for more storage space or if your hd ever goes back on the receiver.

If you need help with your DVR hardware, visit your DVR manufacturer

Yes, UVerse does offer DVR. It is less expensive than most cable companies and you can have it in each room. Most cable companies only allow you to have it on one TV.

If you need help with your DVR hardware, visit your DVR manufacturer

At most DVR default settings, the recordings are generally better than videotape. However, higher digital video and audio quality require more memory, which decreases the amount of space on your DVR hard drive.

there is no such thing as no fee dvr service all dvr services have fees

Many of the newer CCTV DVRs have IP network capabilities. If where the DVR and cameras are located has a LAN and the DVR connnected to it and supports the cameras being viewed live, and the recorded video can be accessed for review and in some cases copied from the DVR to an external storage device. Many DVR systems also have ability, with an app, to be accessed with a smart cell phone. Of course all of this is through a secured connection requiring a login.

Normally it would come from your DVR and go out to 2 TV's. I have not seen a DVR with HDMI in.

In Ottawa, one can purchase DVR systems in most electronics stores, including Best Buy and Radio Shack. One can also purchase DVR systems through the Ottawa Time Warner Cable company.

It will depend on the brand of the DVR. Different make has a different specs on it. So i would recommend doing a search on which kind fits you best. Keep in mind that DVR will be on most of the time, since it needs to be on for the duration of the show.

The Wii cannot be used as a DVR.

You can program your DVR with a remote control.

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