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volcanologists use robots to explore volcanoes from a safe distance, so that it would be able to know when the volcano erupted.

YAYYY I like volcanoes!!!!!

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What studies volcanoes?

Volcanologist is the study of volcanoes.

What kind of scientist studies volcanoes?

volcanologistA volcanologist.VulcanologistsVulcanologists

Study of volcanoes?

A person that studies volcanoes is a volcanologist (vol·ca·nol·o·gist)

Who is volcanologist?

A scientist that studies volcanoes.

What equipment does a volcanologist need to explore a Volcano?

They need protective clothing and remote sensors to record gases and temperatures

What does a volcanologist studie?

A vulcanologist studies volcanoes.

What is the name of a geologist who studies volcanoes?

Someone who studies volcanoes is called a "volcanologist"

What is a person who studies volcanoes called?

A person who studies volcanoes is called a volcanologist.

Definition of volcanologist?

A volcanologist is someone who studies volcanoes. With the title, that person would be a geologist, and also the activity and formation of volcanoes, as well as current and historic eruptions.

What does a volcanologist do?

Vulcanologists study volcanoes using chemistry, physics, and geology. Some study volcanic eruptions, and others look at seismic data and how gravity and magnetics are involved. The makeup of the Earth, gases emitted by volcanoes, and the shape of the Earth around volcanoes also grab the attention of vulcanologists.A Volcanologist study volcano

What is a volcanologist?

a person who studies volcanoes, their eruptions, and their mineral makeup

Describe the works of a volcanologist?

The works of a volcanologist mainly entail studying volcanoes and other related activities. They concentrate with the activities in the lithosphere.

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