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Articles of Confederation

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Which document preceded the Constitution as the framework for the nation's new government?

which document preceded the constitution as the frameworkfor the nations new government

What did the consitonal government star out as?

The Articles of Confederation preceded the Constitution.

Was there a constitution before the constitution?

AnswerNo... the whole reason for the constitution was to create order where there was none.AnswerThe Articles of Confederation preceded the Constitution, but contained some flaws that would have lead to problems running the government.

What document was written at the Constitutional Convention?

It was the constitution. It was written in 1787,but the authors were inspired by many other documents and ideas that preceded this time period.

How was the Declaration of Independence significant to the creation of the constitution?

The Declaration of Independence is the document that declared our freedom from the crown, and stated the we were separating from Great Britain and creating our own country. This created a need for a document to guide this new country. The Articles of Confederation preceded The Constitution, but gave so much power to the individual states that it became as if we were actually 13 separate countries, each colony having their own currency, laws, taxes, etc. This created the need for a more centralized federal government and from this need our Constitution was born and adopted on September 17, 1787. At 225 years old it is the oldest document that governs a nation to this day.

Who is the past governor of Tennessee?

Bredesen was preceded by Sundquist who was preceded by McWherter who was preceded by Alexander who was preceded by Blanton who was preceded by Dunn who was preceded by Ellington who was preceded by....

Who preceded Caligula?

Tiberius preceded Caligula.Tiberius preceded Caligula.Tiberius preceded Caligula.Tiberius preceded Caligula.Tiberius preceded Caligula.Tiberius preceded Caligula.Tiberius preceded Caligula.Tiberius preceded Caligula.Tiberius preceded Caligula.

What rights are guaranteed by the First Amendment?

The first amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. See U.S. Const. amend. I. Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief. >Religious freedom >Free speech >Right to assembly >Right to a petition >Right to the press

What form of government preceded democracy?

Well if you mean in terms of the USA mainly, it was monarchy meaning ruled by a powerful king. But once they declared independence from Britain, they became the first country to have an elected president in the government. So I suppose monarchy and other similar forms of government preceded democracy.

How was the constitution flawed?

Well, I think you might be referring to the fact that without the first 10 Amendments (the "Bill of Rights") there were States that would not ratify the US Constitution. Having just fought the Revolutionary War and having endured certain limitations on various rights under the English Crown, there were lingering issues and concerns that the main body of the Constitution didn't address such as freedom of speech. Most of the effort to put it together was to "beef up" the Articles of Confederation that had preceded them and were a failure because that document just didn't give enough power to a central government and left virtually every state with the right to make things difficult for other States.... Otherwise, every document like our US Constitution has flaws in that it is a document created by people attempting to come up with an arrangement acceptable to many. As such it contains compromises. There is no "perfect" document out there. The greatest thing I think about it, however, is the flexibility to either correct flaws or adapt it for changing times without destroying its fundamentals.

What Amendment created the Supreme Court?

The US Supreme Court's creation and jurisdiction was specified in Article III of the Constitution, which preceded the Amendments.

Who preceded Winston Churchill?

Neville Chamberlain preceded him.

What is the short form of word bureau?

An abbreviation of the government unit bureau (agency) is Bur. capitalized and preceded or followed by the name.

Did religion affect the laws and government of Pompeii?

Yes it did. This is because the laws and government of the Roman government were connected to religious rules and, especially, augury (the divination of the omens of the gods). Decisions which affected public concerns had to be preceded by augury.

Which pope preceded John Paul?

John Paul II was preceded by Pope John Paul I who was preceded by Pope Paul XI.

Who is Slovenia's head of government?

Ivan Janša has been Prime Minister of Slovenia since February 2012. He was preceded by Borut Pahor.

Who preceded franklin roosevelt?

Herbert Hoover preceded Franklin Roosevelt.

What number is two preceded by seven?

Two preceded by seven is 72.

What preceded the iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 was preceded by the iPhone 4S.

Who preceded Elizabeth prior to her bring crowned Queen?

Elizabeth I was preceded by Mary I, her sister. Elizabeth II was preceded by George VI, her father.

What was the first representative assembly in America?

The Virginia House of Burgesses established in 1619 is considered the first representative assembly (government) in the US and the Americas.This is without regard to the councils of Native Americans that preceded the arrival of the Europeans. Congress in 1988 especially noted the contributions of the Iroquois nations to the concepts of the US Constitution.

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