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What Does Sangha Mean To Buddhists?


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November 11, 2010 2:50PM

a sangha is a "fellowship/group of buddhists"

So, if you are buddhist, your sangha would be the group that you sit/meditate with or receive teachings with.

Answer #2 by rjkhemlani:

It means a lot to them, because while being in a Sangha, you help people and share stuff. And that is the right way to reach Nirvana. And also to share is a good Karma which also makes them closer to Nirvana. Also, being so busy, they don't become selfish. So as you see, it is very related.

Hope this helps. I am a just a 7th grader who is learning Buddhism. So this might not be correct, but this is what I think. :)

Answer No. 3

You must have heard " Buddham saranam , SANGHAM saranam and Dhammam Saranam)- Here, it is very clear that Sangha refers to the community of monks. They are already convinced by the Buddha's philosophy to an inestimable extend, and not only they practice the Eight fold paths, but also strive for swallowing the TEN virtues. Therefore, in terms of commitment there is no comparison between monks ( SANGHA) and a laymen Buddhism follower. Here, it is important to understand that the Buddha, Sangha and the Dhamma(teachings) are the ultimate vehicle for a person to progress in Buddhism. I wish, my help was useful....Nothingness.