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Queue or Q (as in waiting in a queue or the letter Q)

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What English word can have 4 of its 5 letters removed and still retain it's original pronunciation?

Aitch, queue

Which two English words can have 4 of their 5 letters removed and still retain their original pronunciation?

* Aitch - aitc = h and * Queue - ueue = q

What English workd can have four of its five letterstaken awayand still retain its original pronunciation?

queue aitch

What English word can have four out of five letters removed and still retain its pronunciation?

The word queue is pronounced like the letter "q" in English language. Removing the last four letters of the word leaves that "q" behind. Queue is the same as "q" is.

Do the elements in a compound retain their original properties?


What 6letter word can you make from the letters inertia?

tinier, retina, retain

Why do the words comb tomb and bomb sound different?

This question really asks why English pronunciation appears to be inconsistent. English has its roots in a number of origins. Comb comes from Germanic roots, tomb from Latin to French to Middle English, and bomb from Greek to Latin to Italian to French.The history of a word lingers in its spelling and pronunciation, much as people retain their accents and other elements of their roots even when they have come a long way from where they began.

Do cooked bean retain their flavor after freezing?

After you open up the canned beans you have to warm them up and they will retain all of the original flavour when you eat

Are atoms are the smallest portions of an element that retain the original characteristics of the element?


Atoms are the smallest portions of an element that retain the original characteristics of the element?


Is PSLE English important?

of course! PSLE English is a huge affect on your future . if u fail your english , u will either retain ! tuuutuuttutu

Why was the battle of Trafalgar so important to the English?

Allowed them to retain control of the sea.

How long does trash retain its original weight and volume in a landfill?

Most trash found in a landfill retains its original weight, volume, and form for 40 years.

What are some English derivatives of the Latin word 'teneo'?

tenous, retain, contain,

Why don't Japanese cars have Japanese names?

They do. Toyota Matsuda Nissan but they do not write in Japanese letters. they retain their Japanese names. but writing using letters of the alphabet. to be easily understood by everyone

What is 'voi e il vostro mob browser' when translated from Italian to English?

"You all and your managed object browser" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase voi e il vostro mob browser. The second person informal plural pronoun, conjunction, masculine singular definite article and pronoun, and English loan words model a feature of Italian whereby technology may retain its original spelling -- in this case -- or take on a translated equivalent, such as navigatore oggetto gestito. The pronunciation will be "voy ey eel VO-stro mohb BROO-ser" in Italian.

What class of words in modern English retains grammaticl gender?

In Modern English, pronouns in the third person singular retain gender: his, hers, he, her, she, and him.

If in a secured transaction the original debtor transfers debt to new debtor does the secured party retain PMSI?


Does matter always retain it's original state?

No. Temperature change is most common for changes in states of matter.

Why have ancient documents been preserverd for centruies?

Often by accident, but mainly to retain original records as historical artifacts.

Electrons are the smallest portions of an element that retain the original characteristics of the element?

false- apex

What makes an enzyme a catalyst?

Enzymes are catalysts: Substances that retain their original chemical composition while bringing about a change in a substrate.

Protons are the smallest portions of an elements that retain the original characteristics of the element?

no it quarks and protons electrons and neutrons are made of quarks

Why can an atom of plutonium be divided into smaller particles that retain all the properties of plutonium?

It is not correct: if an atom is divided it is not the original atom.

When a substance changes and still retains its original properties the change is called?

When a substance changes but still retains its original properties, the change is called a physical change. If it didn't retain its original properties, then it went through a chemical change.

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