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What equipment is needed to send and receive email?

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Q: What Equipment is needed to send and receive emails?
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Does it cost to receive emails?

No. It is free to receive and send emails. (answer by pop5).

What is the function of the email?

Emails allow people to send messages to people over the internet. A person must have a unique email address to send and receive emails.

Can't send and receive emails?

Change from gmail. They are useless

Do you have to have the internet to send a receive emails?

To go online you need an internet connection.

Why can i receive emails but cannot send emails?

If you cannot send emails, (which is not normal,) you should either contact your email's website, or get a new email, which does not take long. amd it might be that who your sending to that there email is broken

What could you do if you needed to send information to someone who gets hundreds of emails a day?

Send a paper letter instead.

What is Robert Pattinson's email address for?

The same as everyone else. It allows him to send and receive emails.

Can the Samsung R451C Phone do email?

Yes. The Samsung R451C can receive and send emails. Hope this Helps!

Can you use WiFi to send emails?

You must have wifi to send emails.

What does the website Sprintpcs offer?

SprintPC offers their customers the option to receive emails straight to their mobile device. With this option, customers can send, forward, and accept emails on their smartphone.

Name 3 different email programs that a person can use to send or receive emails?

Yahoo, gmail, and facebook

What website do you go on to send emails?

well, there are many places. for example you could go to yahoo or comcast or for instsnce my e-mail account is my school's website. so, you see? there are many places to go to receive and send emails

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