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wilderness act

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Q: What Great Society programs protected nine million acres of public land from development?
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Which of these Great Society programs protected nine million acres of public land from development?

wilderness act (a+nywhere)

Critics of the Great Society complained that it?

When President Lyndon Johnson announced his war on poverty, the center piece of his Great Society, he stood before the cameras on the front porch of a poor Appalachian man and his 6 children.Thirty years later, all the children had moved away in search of economic opportunity and the same old man lived in the same shack - within view of the multi-million dollar highway that rolled through the sparsely populated countryside.Government directed programs seem always to help the wealthiest and best-connected individuals become wealthier and more powerful and do little to resolve the conditions that were used to justify their creation and funding.Socialism is Capitalism for the few with other people's money.

Which people were responsible for the development of the spoken language?

There are no specific people responsible. Spoken language evolved gradually in the evolution process of the human race. Scholar's opinions vary widely, but many now think that early humans might have had more or less developed forms of communicating as long as 1.5 million years ago, and that development into a proper language happened between 150,000 and 200,000 years ago.

How many billion people are in America?

In the US there are only 312 million people. In the Americas there are about 900 million, just 100 million short of a billion.

How many people in China were addicted to Opium?

12 million people :))

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Which of these Great Society programs protected nine million acres of public land from development?

wilderness act (a+nywhere)

Name three illustrative grant commitments that bill and melinda gates foundation has made?

$200 million commitment to fund research and development for the discovery of new HIV prevention methods. $300 million commitment to support agricultural research and development projects aimed at improving global food security. $1.5 billion commitment to support maternal and child health programs in developing countries.

Development cost of the mall of America?

$650 million

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its the same about animals, what is the role of animals in society... but with out humans all the man made things in the world wouldn't be around and nothing would live. And there would be no point in life, humans are the most important things on planet earth.. so the role of human beings in society is everything... the domain the world! All humans have responsibiltys to live on the earth. :D

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CAFOD has reached around 7.8 million people through its international development programs each year. They provide assistance in areas such as emergency response, agriculture, education, healthcare, and water and sanitation.

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0ne million two hundred 54 thousand

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1 million

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No, and it is staunchly protected by its rightsholders, as licensing it brings in about $2 million annually. In the EU, it will enter the public domain in 2017; in the US it will be protected through 2029.

Definition of a private development bank?

a private development bank is to be organized in the form of a stock corporation and it's paid up capital for class A - not less than four million, class B - two million pesos, class C - one million pesos.

What is the cost of running a prison?

In New Zealand: It costs more than $90,000 a year to keep a person in prison says the Treasury. On top of that, prison building is projected to cost $915 million over the next decade - plus ongoing costs of another $150 million a year. Other Jail expenses: * $6.3 million was paid in wages to 3956 prisoners last year. * $2.1 million spent on chaplaincy for prisoners. * $5.6 million on psychiatrists. * $2.69 million on motivational programs for 1365 prisoners. * $7.87 million on special treatment units (sex offender treatment, drug treatment, youth anti-social behavior program, faith-based unit) for 688 prisoners. * $5.86 million on medium-intensity rehabilitation programs (Maori therapeutic, relapse prevention) for 1379 prisoners. * $7.54 million on education (skills programs and secondary education) for 2158 prisoners. * $4.12 million on reintegration programs (living, parenting and budgeting skills) for 1103 prisoners. * Total $44.26 million.

How did P Diddy add to society?

In 1995, Sean Combs founded Daddy's House Social Programs, an organization to help inner-city youth. He has donated computers and books to schools, and with Jay-Z pledged $1 million to support victims of Hurricane Katrina.

How much area has the everglades lost in recent years?

Approximately 50 percent of the original Everglades has been lost to agriculture and urban development (about 2 million acres, or more than half the Everglades wetlands). .Most of the rest is now protected in a national park, national wildlife refuge, and water conservation areas. Today the area of the Everglades National Park consists of about 2.3 million acres.