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Q: What Happened to Bob Emory wrestler?
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When was Bob Starr - wrestler - born?

Bob Starr - wrestler - was born in 1971.

When did Bob Brown - wrestler - die?

Bob Brown - wrestler - died on 1997-02-05.

When was Bob Brown - wrestler - born?

Bob Brown - wrestler - was born on 1938-10-16.

Is their a wrestler called bob?

Yes.Randy Ortons dad was a wrestler and his name is:Bob Orton

When did Beast Wrestler happen?

Beast Wrestler happened in 1991.

Who is the worst wwf wrestler?

bob orton

Do you have any info on Bob Barco the pro wrestler?


What happened to wrestler Yukon Eric?

He died

Who the heck is bob orton?

randy ortons dad and x wrestler

Who is randy orton's daddy?

bob Orton a former wwf wrestler

What is the name of the wrestler who plays a barbarian in Capital One commercial?


Who is the fastest WWE wrestler in history?

The fastest wrestler in wwe is bob backlund im not sure but i guess the current is Evan Bourne