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What I'd a sentence with the word consolation in it?


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This sentence is a sentence with the word "consolation" in it.


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There was a consolation knowing that others were worse off.

"He received a consolation prize of a weekend trip to Peoria, Illinois."

Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.

A consolation for failure is the experience you claim to increase your odds of success in the future.

As a consolation prize, the man got a stuffed animal--a green frog with pink lips.

The contestant did not win, but he was given a consolation prize. If it's any consolation, several other office workers have lost their jobs also.

Consolation means to be consoled but must be used properly in context."Joe, you're fired! If it's any consolation I'll give you an excellent recommendation."The same sentence with different wording could be:"Joe, you're fired! If it makes you feel better I'll give you an excellent recommendation."Consolation shortens the sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence.

what is a synowym for consolation

To some people being with friends gives them consolation

there was a consolation between two characters

I was grieving so deeply that I thought there would be no consolation. Because I had the worst score, I got a consolation prize.

Even though he failed the test, he got to make it up for full credit.

The one hundredth caller did not win the jackpot, but received a $200 consolation prize.

Game shows give out consolation prizes to make losers feel better.

The word consolation is a noun. The plural form is consolations.

Translation: consuelo OR consolación

A consolation is a reward or action designed to make a person feel better about something (ie, a consolation prize is given to the loser of a contest.) Sentence example: The Greeves Company sent Mr. Buckley a consolation letter telling him that he had not won the grand prize.

Desultory id an annoying word and I'm not going to say it again. ( that's the sentence)

Id appreciate it if you called me when you got home

That is the correct spelling of the noun consolation(comfort, solace, reassurance).A similar word is consolidation (joining, combining, merging).

The guard could easily identify and invalid ID.

the man used forgery to create a fake ID.

The noun 'id' (the part of your mind that is unconscious that has hidden wants and needs) is a common noun, a word for anyone's id. The noun id is only capitalized when it is the first word in a sentence.The word 'ID' is an abbreviation for 'identification' (a document that gives the details of your name, address, and date of birth, sometimes with a photograph) is also a common noun, a word for any ID of any kind. The abbreviation is capitalized to distinguish it from the word 'id'; this use of capitalization does not make ID a proper noun.

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