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Your sister's son is your nephew.

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Q: What IS Relationship Name For My Sisters Son?
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What is relationship name sisters son?

Neice or nephew no dummy its nephew

What relationship is to your sisters son?

Your sister's son is your nephew and you are his aunt (if you are female) or his uncle (if you are male.

What is the relationship between the boy of your wife's sisters son?

The boy is your nephew

What relationship is your son to your sisters granddaughter?

Your son and your sisters child are first cousins. The granddaughter is out of synch by a generation. That will make them first cousins once removed.

What is the relationship to your granddaughter to your sisters sons son?

Your granddaughter and your sister's grandson are second cousins.

Did Sally field have a relationship with one of her sons on brothers and sisters?

Yes, she did. She had the relationship of a mother that a mother has with her son. As most mothers do.

What is the relationship to your younger brothers wife's sisters daughter to our son?

Your younger brother's wife's sister's daughter would be your son's cousin.

What was the name of Antony's sisters son in Julius Caesar?


What is relationship name for mother's son?

Stepson; Son in law; Brother?

What is the relationship name of your son's daughter?


What is the relationship name for brother son?


What is relationship name for your son's son?

Your son's wife is your daughter-in-law. Her brother is your son's brother-in-law, but the English language has no word for a relationship between you and him. You are not considered to be related to him.