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Ask the mechanic to test for parasitic draw. That case seems a bit extreme but tat could be your answer. Of course the obvious things like dome light, glove box, hood light, any courtesy light staying on. But the fact that it draining the battery in 5 hours seems to indicate something other than a light. Take a look at the power windows. I have seen a power window switch stick in the up position. This will quickly drain the battery. Here are a few things to try. One, remove the negative cable from the terminal and put a test light between the cable and the battery post. If the light glows, there is a drain. To find what circuit is causing the drain, remove one fuse at a time until the light goes away. Then, install them one at a time. When the light glows there is a drain, when the light is off, the bad circuit was removed. You may not get the light to turn off. In that case, it means that there is a drain in some other circuit that does not run through the fuse panel. First place I would look at is the starter. Starters have been known to short out at the solenoid and cause a constant drain to ground. If all else fails, replace the battery with another know good battery. You may find that the battery is indeed the culprit, even though it checks good. Good luck. Rocky_B - See my entry here for more things you might want to check:

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Q: What I Have. Electrical problem Battery alternator was tested and were fine but within five hours the battery dies they say something is draining the battery anyone have any Ideas 1996 Suburban LS?
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What does it mean if your car needs to be boosted everyday but its not the battery or alternator?

Something is on draining your battery overnight. Any light or any relay. It can also be your battery has a dead cell draining it overnight.

Why does your battery keep draining on your 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Defective alternator, loose alternator drive belt, dead cell in battery, or something is on pulling power from the battery.

What kind problems pontic Bonneville have?

something is draining the battery I have put a new battery and a new starter ans also a new alternator and something is still pulling it down can you help me?

What could be draining the new battery and new alternator?

A partial earth

1994 Saturn SW2 Series There is a beeping noise in my center console when the battery is dead. I have suspicion that it may be some type of kill switch draining my battery. The battery is brand new.?

Rather than assume, why not check the alternator? If an alternator is not functioning properly, the battery can only remain fully charged if the alternator replaces the electrical energy that has been used. Test the system to determine if there is an electrical drain, but start with the alternator first.

What is wrong with the battery if it wont stay charged with a new alternator on a Chrysler 5Th avenue?

Your alternator is probably rebuilt and not really new. I have had this problem several times and I have bought a new battery and alternator. The alternator keeps your battery charged and powers your electrical system, so even when driving you can lose all power in the car from the alternator draining your battery. Take the battery and alternator to an auto store and they will test both for free. Ask them about the difference in a rebuilt alternator and a brand new one. This is a very common problem.

What could be wrong with 1998 Chevy lumina you had a starter alternatnor and a battey put in but the battery keep draining?

Had the same problem. Bought a re-conditioned alternator, turned out it was bad. Usually if battery draining, it's alternator or battery or both.

Why dead battery in morning 1987 El Camino?

you possibly have something draining the battery when the car is shut off, with the car shut off pull the positive cable off the battery and then just touch the cable to the positive post of the battery and see if you get a spark, if you get a spark you have something electrical draining the battery.

What is draining battery in 1992 BMW 735IL?

Mine had an alternator problem not putting out 14 v

Why does your 94 intruder keep draining the battery?

Dead cell in the battery, or something is on pulling power from the battery. Any light on the vehicle or any relay that is stuck. I am assuming you have checked the alternator and it is good.

Camry99 I changed the battery 4 months ago but I could not regularly use it.I've to jump start the car every time I try to start. jump started in morning but couldn't start in evening. what's the prob?

Check the alternator. If the alternator is not generating enough electrical energy to run the car AND recharge the battery you'll always have a low battery. If that's not it try to find something that is being left on that's draining the battery.

If you have new battery and alternator but battery is still not staying charged what could be the problem?

Something is draining the battery. Check all lights. Glove box, trunk, etc. Also check the power window switch.

What is draining your van battery?

many things can do it suck as junk battery, junk alternator , or leaving anything on in the car

What do you if your 99 Grand Cherokee is draining voltage and the car dies even after replacing and charging the battery?

Have you had the alternator checked? If an alternator is not working it can acually drain your batt. big time fast.

Why does 106 diesel n reg crank but not fire draining NEW battery?

There are a few things that could cause this problem. It could be the wiring to the alternator, the alternator solenoid, or the wiring.?æ

What causes the car not to start and iginition not to go out?

If the ignition isn't firing then you're looking at an electrical problem: Bad spark plugs, distributor, cables or battery. If you're frequently draining your battery and needing jump starts, the alternator could be failing as well.

What causes a draining battery in a Mercedes-Benz?

Defective alternator, dead cell in battery, stuck relay, or something is on pulling power from the battery. Any light that is on such as under-hood, trunk, glove box, dome, etc.

Why does a 2000 windstar se keeps draining the battery. i have tried changing all relays and a different battery.?

Your alternator is shot.

When a Car cranks but goes dead what could be wrong?

your alternator ain't charging your battery or a bad connection draining the battery

Why won't a 1994 Chevy cavalier start unless it is jumped. The ABS makes a clicking noise and we have changed the alternator.?

Generally, if a car engine will not turn over without a jump start, the battery is not charged. Either the alternator is not charging it, or the battery has failed and will not hold a charge. Since you have replaced the alternator, that leaves the battery. You can have your battery tested at an auto parts store before buying a new one. It is also possible that there is something draining your battery while the engine is off. The clicking noise from the ABS indicates possible electrical system malfunctions that are best diagnosed by a professional mechanic.

What causes your battery to die when the battery and alternator are new?

Something is usually on that you don't know about like an alarm could be draining the battery. However, If its not starting you should check the starter though. It will make you think the battery is bone dead.

What is draining new battery and alternator on BMW 525i?

If the battery is brand-new and I would suspect either the alternator is defective or you have a lightbulb somewhere on the vehicle that is pulling power from the battery. It can also be a relay that is stuck.

What will bad alternator do to a cars battery and lights?

A bad alternator will have the effect of draining the battery, resulting in dim lights, trouble starting the car and the like. It would be best to replace the alternator as soon as possible and possibly obtain a new battery. This may vary depending on how much the bad alternator has drained it. You can get your alternator and battery checked any time at Auto Zone.

2006 Yukon Denali Ignition A 40 amp fuse draining battery why?

Try disconnecting the alternator, could be the diode pack

When you charge battery and will start but drive and cut off and wont start back 91 Chevy cavalier battery is dead again?

The battery only stores electricity, it does not create it. The alternator puts back the energy that was used by the starter and also provides enough electrical energy to keep the accessories running without draining the battery. If the alternator isn't operating properly the battery will discharge. Many auto parts retailers will test your alternator for free in hopes of selling you a new alternator or other part that will help you solve your problem.