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The Italian soldiers were a part of the Triple Alliance. The soldiers fought with trench warfare in very cold weather.

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There are no records of any soldiers being murdered for being gay in World War II. In fact, there were virtually no soldiers that were openly gay, so know one knew who was gay. Anyone found to be gay would have been discharged immediately.

Yes. In fact swimming was a major sport in that time period.

Trench Foot was a major medical issue. This was because the trenches often contained mice and rats and when the soldiers feet were wet the bacteria and the fact that they walked a lot would lead to Trench Foot

Yes the Australian forces during WW1 did in fact train in British held Egypt. Check out the Movie Gallipoli or visit

The French supported America during the American Revolutionary War in fact they wrote the Treaty of Paris making America Independent!

Yes, he is, in fact, half Italian. His Mother is Italian; His Father is Dutch-Irish.

No, in fact they were really appreciated.

The most disgusting fact about World War 1 was the fact that over 230 soldiers died every hour. World War 1 was fought for a total of over 4 1/4 years.

Yes, in fact, black us soldiers were the first to cross the rhine into Germany.

No, you don't have to be Italian to be on Jersey Shore. In fact two of the cast members aren't even Italian.

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Although it is not a candy bar, M&Ms were also include in soldiers' field rations. In fact the Mars Candy Company developed them for just this purpose.Hersheys .

Yes, absolutely, and with distinction. Unfortunately, due to prejudice and due to the fact that America was still segregated, even the most educated black soldiers were given the most menial jobs; they were also expected to endure frequent discrimination from white officers, especially southern white officers who believed black soldiers lacked intelligence. But despite that, there were large numbers of black soldiers (the term "African-American" was not yet in common use; they were either called negro, or colored, or black) during World War 1, and by all accounts, they did a commendable job.

Yes, soldiers fought in the Civil War. Sadly, that is the fact of war.

about 3 years (fun fact: there was 3 black solders on the confederate army).

During the Trojan war the Greeks gave a Trojan horse to the Trojans as a gift. In fact, the horse was filled with soldiers. At night the soldiers in the horse jumped out and opened the Trojan gates. Afterwards the other Greek soldiers climbed into the gates. That was the story of the Trojan war.

No. Sweden was not occupied during World War 2. As a matter of fact, many Jewish families tried to escape to Sweden.

Bad in the Confederacy but not bad in the Union. In fact, the Union liberated many blacks and used black soldiers.

The Commonwealth Games were not held during the World War One due to the fact it was first held in 1930 and during the World War Two it was cancelled due to the conflict in Europe.

Nazi soldiers Poison gas was introduced by Germany during World War 1. Nazism had not been introduced, or even conceived, at that time. During World War 2 German soldiers committed a wide range of atrocities and war-crimes. In fact almost the only one they didn't indulge in was the general use of poison gas. Poison gas was used in at least one of the concentration camps, and in some of the mental hospitals. This was an SS pastime.

A fact about the terracotta army is that 1.All of the clay soldiers represent one of the soldiers that was in the army. So it basically represents the soldiers that was in the army.

Yes it Was, in fact East London was the targeted city.

Is the word you're looking for "cavalry"? This is the general term for mounted troops. (In modern armies, it sometimes refers to mechanized divisions... i.e. tanks... rather than soldiers on actual horses.)

Yes. Spartan males were trained to be Soldiers since the age of Seven.

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