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No Islamic leader was forced to convert to Islam. It is a basic and explicit rule in Islam; per Quran; that no compulsion in religion.

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Q: What Islamic leaders were not forced to convert Islam?
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Is Stephen hawkinson convert to Islam?

No he is not an Islamic convert.

When couples marry in Islamic Egypt are they in love or forced to marry?

actually forced marriages are prohibted in Islam

Did Britney Spears convert to islam?

no, she had a travel to Islamic country Pakistan and there weard Islamic Hijab and its photo was in Internet and media and people thought she has converted to Islam according her Islamic cloths.

What was true of Spain during Islam rule?

Spain enjoyed the Islamic civilization in all aspects of lifeno single Spanish person was forced to convert to Islam and/or leaving his/her home or country.No religious house or building was destroyed.

Who are important islamic leaders?

in Shia Islam Imam Khomeini and today Imam Khamenei

What are the goals for Islamic terrroists?

to convert the westen world (America Europe Canada etc...) to the religion Islam

How did Islam influence Ghana?

It did by a Islamic group came in and converted a king and he got a lot of the kingdom to convert

Who is the faith leader for Islam?

Muhammad (PBUH) today in different Islamic countries there are different leaders called Imam.

Do you have to undergo circumcision to convert to islam?

NO. Circumcision, though widely practiced in the Islamic World, is a tradition, not a Qur'anic mandate and, therefore, it is perfectly permissible to be an uncircumcised Muslim. The only requisite to convert to Islam is to say the Shahada (Islamic Declaration of Faith) in the presence of other Muslims.

Which of the foollowing best describes why Islam is an important religion in many parts of northen Africa today?

Islamic caliphates spread Islam throughout the region and convert their resident to Islam

Which Mughal leader desecrated Hindu temples and forced people to convert to Islam?

Aurangzeb was responsible for this.

How did Islamic revolution change Iran?

before revolution the government was puppet of US and was anti Islam. people loved Islam and wanted to be Muslim. but the dictator King (Shah) forced women to not wear Hijab and opposed Islamic rules. revolution changed country to an Islamic country and Islamic rules were implemented in country after revolution.

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