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What Island is after spy island?


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Spy Island is island #6. After Spy Island is Nabooti Island #7


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Spy Island is out alredy. Spy Island is out alredy.

The island after Spy Island was Nabooti Island in November, 2009.(aka Choose your own Adventure, which was just a sponsor)This was followed by Big Nate Island in early 2010.The island after Spy Island was Nabooti Island, the 7th Poptropica Island.

You just have to beat spy island!

No. There were humorous glasses on the island to promote Spy Island in 2008, but they were moved to the Spyglass Eyewear store when Spy Island opened.

Where is the warehouse on poptropica's spy island?

Its at early poptropica not spy island

The mask on spy island in poptropica is a mask from Nabooti island.

There isn't a locker in spy island, but there is in Big Nate island.

Spy Island? Define Question more throughly!!

when you get on spy island you go to the far left to get to the docks and save the spy!!

Spy Island, the sixth island of Poptropica, was released on September 9, 2008.

at a place in spy island that i do not know of.

It is the Second Building on Main Street on Spy Island on

The next island released was Nabooti Island. Spy Island (island 6) was released on September 9, 2008. Nabooti Island (island 7) was released on December 11, 2008.

The 6th island in Poptropica was Spy Island.

Move to the next island. (Nabooti Island)

The "funny glasses" that were on Super Power island were a promotion, but they were moved to the Eyewear store on Spy island once that island was opened. Similarly, the spy sunglasses from Spy Island originally appeared as a special item on Time Tangled Island.

spy island will be online at about 24/8/08 spy island will be online at about 24/8/08

The island after Super Power Island was Spy Island.

There is no "shark spy island" in Poptropica: there's only Spy Island or Shark Tooth island and the solutions are at the related questions below.(Each has a link to the video walkthrough at

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