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Take a Breath is on the Bonus Jonas CD, it came out after their album Jonas brothers, but they made a special "bouns Jonas" CD and it has all the songs from 'JONAS BROTHERS' plus take a breath

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Q: What Jonas Brothers CD has Take a Breath on it?
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What is the CD sales for the Jonas Brothers last CD?

The CD sales for the Jonas Brothers is 452,458

Does the Jonas brothers have a new CD in 2008?

The Jonas Brothers did have a Cd that was released in 2008. This was their second album and was titled Jonas Brothers.

When did the Jonas Brothers CD the Jonas Brothers come out?

The Jonas Brothers self-titled CD "Jonas Brothers" came out August 7th, 2007 in the US. Hope this helps!

What is the Jonas Brothers' latest CD?

there new CD is called: "the Jonas brothers are fags"

What was the Jonas Brothers first CD?

The name was Jonas Brothers.

What are the Jonas Brothers second CD name?

Jonas Brothers.

What was the Jonas Brothers second CD called?

The Jonas Brothers

First Jonas Brothers CD?

The title of the Jonas Brothers first CD is called "It's About Time".

What is the fifth song on Jonas Brothers CD?

the fifth song on the Jonas Brothers CD is "Hello Beautiful".

What was the name of Jonas Brothers first CD?

The Jonas Brothers' first CD was called "It's About Time."

What is the name of the new CD by the Jonas Brothers?

The name of the new CD of the Jonas Brothers is: " A Little Bit Longer"

Where can you get a copy of the Jonas Brothers very first CD?

you can order its about time (jonas brothers first cd) on

What year did the first Jonas Brothers CD come out?

The year that the Jonas Brothers first CD came out in was 2006.

Do the Jonas Brothers have a Japanese CD out?

No, the Jonas Brother's CD's are all in English.

How old was nick when Jonas Brothers first CD came out?

When Jonas Brothers' first CD "It's About Time" came out, Nick Jonas was 13

What is second CD of Jonas Brothers?

The second album name is Jonas Brothers

What was the first Jonas brother CD?

The fist Jonas brothers CD was ITS ABOUT TIME...but before that Nick had a separate one that had his brothers in it. It was titled NICHOLAS JONAS!!!there second one was JONAS BROTHERS and the 3rd was A LITTLE BIT LONGER

What was the first CD out by Jonas Brothers?

The first album by the Jonas Brothers is It's About Time

What is the CD called by the Jonas brothers coming out in August 7 2007?

It was self titled Jonas Brothers

Do the Jonas Brothers have a keroke CD?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers do have a karaoke CD. They have a karaoke version of the CD "Jonas Brothers", their second album. It features all the songs from that album plus a bonus one from their next album, "A little Bit Longer"

How many CD's have the Jonas brothers made?

They have 4 cd's

What is the Jonas Brothers second CD?

The second album is titled 'The Jonas Brothers'. Original huh? =)

What is the name of the Jonas Brothers CD?

The Jonas Brothers have 4 studio CDs. The first is called "It's About Time" but you can no longer purchase this CD The second CD is called "Jonas Brothers" which came out on August 7th, 2007 Their third CD is titled "A Little Bit Longer" and that came out August 12th, 2008 The Jonas Brothers latest CD "Lines, Vines, and Trying Times" was released June 16th, 2009 Hope this helps!

What are all of the Jonas Brothers CD titles?

It's about time, Jonas Brothers, and A Little Bit Longer

What is the title of the new Jonas Brothers CD?

its just called Jonas brothers. its a self titled album