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Q: What KO variety has just red and white colouring?
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How do you make fuchsia food colouring dye?

Food colouring.. Just experimebt with red, pink and blie till you get the desired colour.

What does food coloring do to food?

Edible food colouring is used to artificially colour food. One instance is that Cochineal is a red colouring that can be added to white icing to produce red or pink icing for decorating cakes.

What colours in food colouring make purple?

Blue and red colouring

Most wines have either a red or yellow?

Well wine is only red and white.. not yellow there is a variety of wines that have white or red=D

Can a orange and white cat be a calico cat?

No. Calico is often large areas of white with two other colours, usually orange and black. The Calico colouring can be found in many different breeds of cat. If a cat is just orange and white, it is not a calico. The coat colour is likely a Red (orange) Tabby and White.

What is red colouring made out of?

bio magnesium

What chemical makes the colour red in a firework?

red food colouring;)

What do E numbers 132 122 171 172 mean?

E132 = Indigotine - synthetic blue colouring E122 = Azoribine - synthetic red colouring E171 = Titanium dioxide - white mineral based colour E172 = Iron oxides and hydroxides - orange, red, brown, blank pigment.

Why is red cheese red?

It contains a natural food colouring called anatto in it.

Why is jelly red?

Because of flavourings and food colouring :)

How many colours do bougainvillea's have?

Red,white, pink, yellow and a variety of their combinations.

How do you make red colour henna?

i recomend buying it or if you can try red food colouring