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quid pro quo my friend, quid pro quo

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Q: What Latin phrase refers to deals made between congressmen and means this for that?
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What does native alphabet means?

"Native alphabet" is a phrase that refers to your native language. If you speak English, your native alphabet is the Latin alphabet.

What is the origin of the phrase terra firma?

Terra firmaåÊis a Latin phrase meaning "solid earth" (fromåÊterraåÊ"earth" andåÊfirmaåÊ"solid"). The phrase refers to the dryåÊland massåÊon the earth's surface and is used to differentiate from the sea or air.

What Latin Phrase refers to Outside the Church there is no salvation. Clue...VICAR of CHRIST?

Extra Territorium Jus Dicenti Impune non Paretur

What does the latin phrase on the confederate seal mean?

DEO VINDICE is an ablative absolute phrase, roughly meaning "With God as our Champion." This refers to the belief of the Seperatists that their cause was favored by God and that their way of life was righteous.

What does the phrase Latin America mean?

It refers to Central & South America. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Latin as a language. EDIT by jaysjay. It is not in itself Latin, but it refers to those countries, basically colonised by the Mediterranean region countries which speak the languages described by the term Latin, which include French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. As the general languages of South America are Spanish and Portuguese, the area is called Latin America.

Where did the latin phrase ad hoc originate?

In latin, ad hoc means 'to this'. Ad hoc, meaning impromptu or unplanned, refers to things that are being executed at the time of saying and often have an improvised character.

In the Year of Our Lord is a translation of a Latin phrase that refers to which time period?

In the Year of Our Lord is a translation of 'Anno Domini' and refers to the time after the birth of Christ. For instance, the first Moon landings were in 1969 A.D. or 'the year of Our Lord 1969'.

Latin phrase for bad faith?

The Latin phrase for bad faith is mala fides. The Spanish phrase for these words is mala fe and the Italian phrase is malafede.

What does fortitudintdeo mean in English?

The phrase 'fortitud int deo' translates from Latin as 'between the strength of God'

Is comida latina a main dish?

Comida latina is a Spanish phrase that simply means 'latin food'. In this case 'latin' refers to Latin America so comida latina is food that is typical of Hispanic cultures. It can be main dishes, desserts, entrees or snacks.

What is the Latin translation of the phrase epic world?

The phrase 'epic world' translated to Latin as 'heroicis mundi'

Which latin phrase means by virtue of his office?

"Ex officio" is the Latin phrase that means "by virtue of his office."