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Alexander the great was a Greek from the Northern Greek kingdom of Macedonia.

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What was Alexander the Great's nationality?

Alexander the Great was Greek from the tribe of Macedonians. he was a member of the Argead dynasty which originated in the city-state Argos.

What was the nationality of the pharaohs of Egypt?

Most of them were Egyptian, but in later years they were Macedonian and Greek, thanks to Alexander the Great.

What nationality was Alexander the great?

Alexander the great was born in the empire of Macedonia which would make him a number of modern day nationality's he could of been born in country's such as Bulgaria Macedonia Hungary or Albania.

What was Alexander Graham Bell's nationality?

as he was born in scotlang,he is scottish by nationality.

Who were the wives of Alexander the Great what nationality?

He married three times, and all of them were from the areas around modern Iran and Iraq.

What nationality was Pope?

Alexander Pope was British.

What lands or parts of lands did Alexander the great conquer for Greece What was Alexanders nationality?

Alexander was Macedonian. The whole of the Persian Empire. Modern day Turkey, Egypt, all of Mesopotamia and adjacent lands.

What Nationality was Alexander Fleming?

Alexander Fleming was Scottish, being born near Darvel in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Who succeded Alexander the Great?

Alexander IV of Macedonia who was the son of Alexander the Great

When did Alexander the great get married and with who?

Alexander the Great did not get married.

What was Alexander the great plans?

what was Alexander the great plans

What is Nathaniel Hawthornes nationality?

His nationality was British because his great-great-great-grandfather, a puritan, was the first family to emigrate from England.

Is ian Fleming related to Alexander Fleming?

No. His father, Valentine Fleming, was born a year after Alexander Fleming was. Plus, Ian is of British nationality while Alexander is of Scottish nationality. However, Valentine's father was named Robert Fleming, and surprisingly enough Alexander named his son Robert also.

What land or parts of land did Alexander the great conquer for Greece what was Alexander nationality?

He conquered the Persian Empire from Libya to Central Asia. He conquered it for himself, not for Greece, which he controlled. He was Macedonian, and it was his empire, not Greece, which was a collection of independent city-states, which his father had taken control of, and passed it on the Alexander.

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