What Northern European country is a tundra?


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Tundra is found along the Arctic Ocean in Europe. It can be found in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Denmark (via Greenland).


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Northern European plain is tundra.

Sweden has a tundra climate in the northern part of the country. The southern part of the tundra is mountainous alpine tundra,

Norway has the most permafrost area, or tundra.

Denmark is the most densely populated Northern European country.

It is most likely to be the Northern Scandinavian peninsula and Northern European Russia. Another area would the the Swiss Alps.

Iceland is the most western European nation. However, Norway is the most northern.

the northern lights appear in the tundra

Yes; it's in Northern Europe.

the tundra is found in the Northern part of Canada, also in Northern Russia

Ireland, a European country, shares a border with Northern Ireland, and Northern Ireland is part of the British Isles - so Ireland is the nearest European country. The next one would be France, which is on the other side of the English Channel.

Tundra is located in the northern hemisphere.

Yes, Denmark is in the north of Europe.

The northern European country that has benefited the most from the north sea oil is Denmark. Most foreign workers in Germany are of Turkish origin.

Yes, Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe (if not counting European Russia) and is the 5th largest country in all of Europe.

The Northern parts of Alaska are considered to be part of the tundra.

They live in the far northern part of the tundra.

Tundra biomes are basically found in the northern parts of the earth. countries which consist of tundra include Greenland (Denmark), Alaska, Northern Canada and Northern Russia. Hope this info helped :D

The middle of summer, which is, in the Northern Hemisphere, June 21. (Most of the world's tundra is in the Northern Hemisphere.)

the location in the southern hemisphere with tundra is

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, which is a country and not a city.

Actually its helsinki with an N. and its the capital of Finland

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland.

Since the tundra is on the Northern Hemisphere it doesn't get sunshine which is why it is cold.

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