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The most commonly missed Pokemon in the National Dex are Arceus, Darkrai and Shaymin. These are legendaries in Diamond and Pearl that cannot be caught without action replay or a Nintendo event. Recently there were Nintendo events for all three.

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there is no event for manaphy you have to get it from Pokemon ranger

Dialga, Murkrow, Cranidos and Stunky. please add on if there's others that I might have missed. ~Sherry

it was an event too late now i missed it myself :(

I don't think so, but I think it excludes some event Pokemon from actually completing it.

Youve just missed the darkrai event and cresselia isn't an event, you just go to full moon island. :)

No, not without action replay or hacking unfortunately. I hate to say it, but sorry. There were wi-fi events but you missed them.

It allows you to get legendary Pokemon and items to get legendary Pokemon. I have a manaphy because of mystery gift. there will be a darkrai and areceus mystery gift at toys r us and at game stop. i missed the deoxys mystery gift. it was on June 29th. I hope that helped!

A missed shot?? OR a rimmer, or a brick (most commonly called a brick)

the Pokemon that i'v encounterd is volbeat and ilimuse, siyther (sorry for any spelling mistakes), aridose (morning), weepinbell, bellsprout, oddish, gloom, venamoth, venonat, i think i missed some but that's what i can remember hope that helped

arcues is an event pokemon. if u missed the event then u cant catch unles u have action repaly code (i dont like cheating at pokemon games so u shouldnt not as fun wen u play)

I did the same thing and the only way that I found is to use the AR cheats to completely fill both the johto AND the national pokedex I'm not sure what it does if you just fill national but I would imagine it glitches.

Unfortunately, Misty will not be included in the 5th generation of Pokemon. She will be missed!

No. but if you missed Pokemon catch them from miror B.

Literally : 'You are yearned for/You are missed'. Commonly: 'I miss you'.

You have to go to a special Nintendo event (I'm afried you've missed your chance as they can't be obtained anymore as ninteno only have events for Pearl/Diamond) If you have Pearl/Diamond it can be obtained through buying the Action Replay cheat. (Or having a very nice freind!)

Migrate it to a Pokemon Platinum version and it should transform.... same with Giratina ( orgin altered form) No you can't get it in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl but in Pokemon Plantinum you can. Trade it over to Pokemon Platinum and then go and avance to Florman Town and talk to the blond haired girl and she will give you the Gacidea Flower and change your Shaymin to Sky Forme or as some people call it Skymin. What you need is: TWO DS's;DS Lite's;DSi's One Diamond Game or Pearl Game One Platinum Game One Shaymin (on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl not hacked or the P game will not know it) There was a Toy's R Us Event that gave out a Shaymin I think was in Januray. If you missed it you are not out of luck! Cheat on Pokemon DPP to get the Oak's Letter then Catch it. It's at Lv. 30 so be caful about hurting it. But if you want the short version it is: No you can't get Sky Forme Shaymin in Pokemon Diamond OR Pokemon Pearl ONLY IN Pokemon Platinum

Currently there is no way as you've missed the special Shiny Legendary Dog event (in Diamond, Pearl and Platinium) when they're traded over Zoroark is catchable in the Lostlorn Forest.

actually, ANY ball can miss, save the master ball. ive missed with ultra balls against zapdos; i missed maybe 7 times, but as soon as i hit it i caught it. but can you imagine yourself as a Pokemon trainer and you missed a Pokemon? man i would feel dumb lol

A Heart Scale is a scale that is shaped like a heart and in most games with the exception of FireRed, LeafGreen and XD are the items that are used as payment in exchange for the Move Reminder's services of helping one of your Pokemon to remember either a forgotten or missed move.

go get mewtwo from ceruleon cave and get all the Pokemon you have missed

No one knows. Maybe Pokemon will do another. I missed the other one too.

If you miss a event you could get a action replay and get it from that.