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What Pokemon are only in Pokemon Diamond?

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Dialga, Murkrow, Cranidos and Stunky. please add on if there's others that I might have missed. ~Sherry

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In diamond how do you get palkia?

Only by trading from Diamond. In Pokemon Pearl you get Palkia and in Pokemon Diamond you get Dialga.

How many regions are there in Pokemon Diamond?

There is only one region in Pokemon diamond.

How many regions are in Pokemon Diamond?

there is only the sinnon region is Pokemon diamond

How do you get Palklia on Pokemon Diamond?

You can't get Palkia in Pokemon Diamond only by trade.

How do you get missmagius in Pokemon diamond?

It is not possible to get Mismagius by yourself in Pokemon Diamond. The only way to get a Mismagius in Pokemon Diamond is to trade one from Pokemon Pearl.

Celebi in Pokemon Diamond?

You Can ONLY Get Celebi In Pokemon Diamond By Using Action Replay.

How do you get Pokemon on levelx on diamond?

u cant get lvl x Pokemon in Pokemon diamond those are only in cards but the highest lvl in Pokemon diamond is 100.

Where get rayquazza in diamond?

you don't get rayquazza in Pokemon diamond the only way to get rayquazza is to transfer one from Pokemon ruby Sapphire and Emerald to Pokemon diamond

How do you trade from Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

You can't trade Pokemon from diamond to shadows of almia, only from shadows of almia to diamond.

Where do you get a murcrow in Pokemon Diamond?

Murkrow is found in the Lost Tower, at night, and only in Pokemon Diamond.

Where to get amber in Pokemon Diamond?

The only way to get the Old Amber in Pokemon Diamond is to find it in the underground.

How do you get magmar in diamond?

Unfortunatly It Is Impossible To Get It In Pokemon Diamond. You Can Only Get It In Pokemon Pearl.Hope This Helps ;)

What Pokemon can you only get in Pokemon pearl not Pokemon diamond?

Palkia. glameow

Where do you catch the Pokemon Palkia in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot catch Palkia in Pokemon Diamond. Palkia is only obtainable in Pokemon Pearl. You can only obtain it by trading with a Pearl owner.

Where can you get pataya berry in Pokemon Diamond?

You can only get the petaya berry in Pokemon Colosseum, so the only way to get it on diamond is cheating or migrating.

How do you transfer Pokemon from FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen versions to diamond?

I think you can only pass Pokemon from Emerald to Diamond/Pearl

How do you get shadow Lugia in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't get a shadow Lugia in Pokemon Diamond, only in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

How do you put Diamond Pokemon to Pokemon Ruby?

you can't, only ruby Pokemon can go to diamod. but diamond Pokemon can't go to ruby

Where to get phinone in Pokemon diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, the Pokemon called Phione is only obtainable by breeding the Pokemon called Manaphy. Manaphy must be obtained in another game, Pokemon Ranger, and then transferred into Pokemon Diamond.

Can you migrate from Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon FireRed?

no u cant,only red to diamond no diamond to red that could be a hack or a glicth

How do you get the regis on Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can only get it on Pokemon pearl or diamond

Does riley in Pokemon diamond return?

no, only in Pokemon platinum he does

Where do you find skuntank on pokemo n pearl?

trade from Pokemon diamond. it is only found in Pokemon diamond

Who has buneary?

If you mean buneary on diamond and pearl, I have 15 of them. buneary is a Pokemon only on Pokemon diamond and pearl

Where to get Crandos in Pokemon Pearl?

Trade with diamond, Pokemon diamond only can get it from a iron ball like fossil