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What Pokemon can use silver wind?

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Dustox is the only one i know that can use silver wind

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What are the best moves against psychic Pokemon?

Well bug , ghost and dark type Pokemon are super effective in the game. a good move for each type to use against a physcic type is silver wind, shadow ball, and crunch. you can get a good bug Pokemon to use silver wind such as beautifly use gardevoir for shadow ball, and use glalie for crunch.

In Pokemon FireRed How does Scyther get silver wind?

You can do it by BREEDING - Scyther female and BUG male with silver wind attack... in fire red that may be hard...

How do you use the silver wing in Pokemon silver?

You dont use it, you need it to get to Lugia in the Whirl Islands.

Who can use cut you Pokemon Silver?

any Pokemon that has claws lol.

In Pokemon Soul Silver what is the best Pokemon to use your master ball on?


Can you use soul silver to transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Battle Revolution?


Where can you find fly on Pokemon soul silver?

You don't you have to use an Hm on a Pokemon

Where are there water type Pokemon in Pokemon silver?

in water... use a fishing rod....

How do you get a Excegute in Pokemon silver?

teach a Pokemon headbutt and use it on small trees teach a Pokemon headbutt and use it on small trees

How do you get a map in Pokemon Soul Silver?

use the pokegear

Where can you get a dark Pokemon in soul silver?

use cheats

Time Capsule on Pokemon Silver?

Pokemon Silver is a second generation Pokemon game. It is possible to use the time capsule in order to trade with generation 1.

What is a silver wing in Pokemon?

it is a item that you obtain in pokemon soul silver that you use to catch lugia the legendary bird in the whirl islands.

How do you use hm's in soul silver?

Just teach it to ur Pokemon and go to a thing that ur Pokemon can use it for

How do you battle misty in Pokemon Silver?

You have to use electric type Pokemon to beat Misty

Is Ditto hard to catch in Pokemon Silver?

not really just use a good pokemon.

What Pokemon can you get when you use headbutt in Pokemon soul silver?

you get heracross or combees when you headbutt a tree

What Pokemon to use against Pokemon Trainer Red in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you have to use a level 100 if you want to be SURE to beat Red

WHAT happens if you use max repel in mt silver Pokemon soul silver?

You will not encounter any Pokemon as long as their level is lower than the first Pokemon in your party.

How do you use silver wing in Pokemon silver?

u dont use it u only need it to see and catch lugia

Pokemon Silver Celebi?

You actually can't get celebi in pokemon silver unless you are a queer and use GameShark or some other cheat majigger.

How do you evolve eevee into jolteon in Pokemon Silver?

Use a Thunderstone.

How can you cure the milktank in Pokemon Silver?

You use oran berries.

How do you activate the cheats on Pokemon Silver?

you use a game shark

What Pokemon can use the fire stone in soul silver?